White House may drop BlackBerry after testing Samsung, LG smartphones

President Obama, it may be time to put down your beloved BlackBerry. Both the White House’s internal technology team and the White House Communications Agency have started testing smartphones from Samsung and LG. Also, the United States Department of Defense is also testing other devices. A Samsung spokesman would not confirm any of this; however, […]

Motorola could tap soon to be former BlackBerry employees with new Waterloo, Ontario office

Recently BlackBerry announced they would shed thousands of employees due to continued dismal results, but many of these employees may find work pretty quickly thanks to Motorola. Motorola plans on setting up a new office right in BlackBerry’s backyard, in Waterloo, Ontario. The new office, called Motorola Kitchener-Waterloo is a ten minute drive from BlackBerry’s […]

New ComScore numbers for June show Android holding steady, iOS feeding off Blackberry defections

ComScore released their newest U.S. smartphone market numbers for the quarter ended June 2013 showing Apple continuing to slowly grow their share while Android held firm in the number one position. Google’s Android saw a slight dip earlier this year when U.S. market share fell from 52.3% to only 52.0%, but held firm at that […]