Microsoft reportedly working on Chromecast competitor

With Chromecast’s booming popularity, everyone’s trying to come up with a competitor. Count Microsoft in. According to recent FCC filings, there’s a device Microsoft is working on codenamed HD-10, which features WiFi, HDMI support and a USB connection. A separate filing at the Wi-Fi Alliance website details that the device will use Microsoft’s Miracast to stream from a Windows […]

Microsoft killing off future Nokia Android-based smartphones

As Microsoft finalizes its acquisition of Nokia by fully merging Nokia into the larger Microsoft organization resulting in layoffs of 18,000 employees, they indicate they will also be putting an end to Nokia’s efforts to produce Android-based smartphones. This move comes as Microsoft has been expending some effort to ensure their software offerings are available […]

Microsoft planning on launching ultra-cheap laptops to compete with Chromebooks

One of Microsoft’s biggest threats has been Google’s Chromebook line. Chromebooks have been relatively cheap and functional, primarily using the Chrome web browser for “apps.” Since Google doesn’t charge high licensing fees for Chrome OS, and they’ve marketed the simplicity and virus-immunity heavily against traditional Windows laptops, Chromebooks have been steadily eating Microsoft’s laptop market […]

Lumia branded device running Android is on the way, carries new ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ name

It looks like Microsoft is going to greatly expand the Lumia brand that was once solely focused on the Windows Phone operating system. Last week, it emerged that Microsoft would be altering some of its brands and Lumia was one of them. The Lumia brand, formerly owned and operated by Nokia, will allegedly focus on […]