Microsoft killing off future Nokia Android-based smartphones

by Jeff Causey on
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As Microsoft finalizes its acquisition of Nokia by fully merging Nokia into the larger Microsoft organization resulting in layoffs of 18,000 employees, they indicate they will also be putting an end to Nokia’s efforts to produce Android-based smartphones. This move comes as Microsoft has been expending some effort to ensure their software offerings are available across a wider range of platforms. When it comes to hardware though, especially smartphones, the company has decided to make Windows Phone the only platform that fits in their strategy.

Nokia had two Android-based smartphones in its portfolio, the Nokia X released earlier this year and the recently announced successor, the Nokia X2. Microsoft indicates they will continue to support those devices, but all future phones will be built for the Windows Phone operating system. This decision is part of an effort by Microsoft to target the budget and mid-tier portions of the market with their Lumia line of devices. According to a letter released by Microsoft,

“We will be particularly focused on making the market for Windows Phone. In the near term, we plan to drive Windows Phone volume by targeting the more affordable smartphone segments, which are the fastest growing segments of the market, with Lumia. In addition to the portfolio already planned, we plan to deliver additional lower-cost Lumia devices by shifting select future Nokia X designs and products to Windows Phone devices. We expect to make this shift immediately while continuing to sell and support existing Nokia X products.”

Microsoft is implementing a new phone business unit, based on the former Smart Devices and Mobile Phones business units, that will be responsible for both the Lumia line of smartphones and devices as well as the transition of Nokia X over to the Lumia line.

source: Microsoft

Microsoft planning on launching ultra-cheap laptops to compete with Chromebooks

by Jared Peters on
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microsoft chromebook comparison

One of Microsoft’s biggest threats has been Google’s Chromebook line. Chromebooks have been relatively cheap and functional, primarily using the Chrome web browser for “apps.” Since Google doesn’t charge high licensing fees for Chrome OS, and they’ve marketed the simplicity and virus-immunity heavily against traditional Windows laptops, Chromebooks have been steadily eating Microsoft’s laptop market share from the bottom up. » Read the rest

Microsoft opening beta program for OneNote users on Android

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Microsoft is opening a beta-testing program for its OneNote app on Android — any user can join, all you have to do is sign up with Microsoft’s new beta program.

After you sign up, Microsoft will push out an update to you for OneNote. You’ll get a whole bunch of new features — just make sure to give some feedback!

Microsoft will even accept suggestions from users for ways to improve the app in the future.


Source: Microsoft

Microsoft releases Climatology in the Play Store for people who want an inside look at weather statistics

by Justin Herrick on
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Some people want a little bit more weather information than just what is present and on its way. They want weather statistics and answers to very specific questions as to what the weather is like on average in a particular location. Well, Microsoft has come to the rescue with the new app Climatology. Where is it hot? Where is it cold? Where is it wet? Where is it dry? Climatology has all of these answers and more. The app uses information gathered by Microsoft’s very own environmental scientists that is generally used for climate-related scientific research. It is all displayed in a very clean and intuitive way.

Hit the break for the gallery and download links. » Read the rest

Lumia branded device running Android is on the way, carries new ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ name

by Justin Herrick on
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It looks like Microsoft is going to greatly expand the Lumia brand that was once solely focused on the Windows Phone operating system. Last week, it emerged that Microsoft would be altering some of its brands and Lumia was one of them. The Lumia brand, formerly owned and operated by Nokia, will allegedly focus on only tablets; however, today word emerged that a Lumia device powered by Android will hit the market. We just do not know what form factor is here. » Read the rest

Microsoft Office for Android tablets is getting very close

by Robert Nazarian on
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While Google continues to update the Docs and Sheets apps, there is still a lot of you that just can’t get away from Microsoft Office. With it already being available on iOS, it’s only a matter of time till it hits Android right? Based on the fact that Microsoft is looking for testers as part of a closed beta can only mean that we are pretty close.

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Nokia X2 from Microsoft with Android announced today

by Jeff Causey on
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Nokia, recently purchased by Microsoft, has announced the Nokia X2 smartphone, a successor to their Android powered Nokia X. Like the older version, the Nokia X2 is aimed at the lower end of the market as a budget smartphone, so the differences in this newer version are not major. In terms of hardware, the screen has grown slightly to 4.3-inches, RAM has been pushed up to 1GB, and the processor is just a little bit faster at 1.2GHz. The Nokia X2 comes with 4GB of memory on board with up to 32GB additional space available via microSD. Nothing earth-shattering there, but this should help improve the overall experience a little bit. » Read the rest

Microsoft’s OneDrive now offers 15 GB of storage for free

by Jared Peters on
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Microsoft OneDrive logo

Microsoft has bumped up the amount of free storage you get with OneDrive to 15 GB, bringing it up to par with Google Drive’s free space. On top of that, the pricing for different tiers of space is going to see a big drop in order to stay more competitive with Google’s extremely low prices. The 100 GB tier, which used to cost $7.49, will now run $1.99 per month, which is exactly where Google has their 100 GB tier priced, and Microsoft will sell you 200 GB per month for $3.99. Definitely some big price drops.

Are these price changes enough to sway you over towards using OneDrive instead of whatever cloud service you have right now?

source: 9to5 Google

Could Microsoft’s Cortana find a way on to your Android device?

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Microsoft has a new virtual personal assistant, Cortana, that is part of the Windows Phone 8.1 developer’s preview and is scheduled to formally launch later this year in the U.S., the U.K. and China. Currently, Cortana can be used by anyone willing to set their device to U.S. settings, an action that has proven to be popular in China. Microsoft does not seem to be content to making Cortana available in different geographic regions – they are also discussing making Cortana available on other platforms, including Android. » Read the rest