Give the Android Wear launcher a try on your phone or tablet

by Robert Nazarian on


The Android Wear SDK was announced just a few days ago, and the actual launcher was extracted from the emulator. This means that you can install it on your phone or tablet as a third party APK. Now don’t expect this to end of up being your new launcher of choice, but it will give you a decent look at and how it works.

The folks over at Android Police also did a teardown of the APK to see if there was anything interesting that we didn’t already know. It looks like Wear will most likely support daydreams. There is also a mention of Google Ears functionality as well as TV controls.

We also have all the icons as well as some other pics of the UI and APK download after the break.

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Aviate Launcher updated with custom icon pack support

by Alihassan Mahdi on
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Are you a fan of Aviate Launcher? You’ll be glad to find out that the developers behind Aviate Launcher recently released a new update which adds support for custom icon packs. This means that you can now use the same icon packs that you use with other launchers.

To enable custom icons, swipe left through Aviate to get access to the spaces menu and go to settings. Once you’ve opened the settings, you can tap on the “Set Icon Pack” button. You will then be brought to a menu where you can set an icon pack, download new packs, or go back to the default Android icons. It was reported on their blog that most icon packs that work with the popular launchers such as, Nova and Apex, should work fine with Aviate Launcher as well.

This is a major update for Aviate Launcher and if you haven’t grabbed the latest version yet, click on the download link after the break.

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Nokia X gets Google Apps, Play Store, and Google Now Launcher

by Robert Nazarian on
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The Nokia X might not be the most advanced device in the world, but Nokia fans have to be excited they finally came out with an Android smartphone. The only problem is that it doesn’t support Google services, and instead, supports Microsoft products. Well if you’re a tinkerer, you will be happy to know that the Nokia X is already rooted, which means that you can load Google Apps, the Play Store, and even the Google Now Launcher.

XDA senior member Kashamalaga was lucky enough to walk away with a Nokia X from Mobile World Congress and was shocked at how easy it was too root. The bootloader remains locked, but by using Gandalf Exploit included in Framaroot, you can gain root access. From there, you install a root explorer app, then copy over the specific Nokia X Gapps package he created to /system/app folder. Just give it the appropriate permissions, reboot, and install a few more apks, and you will be good to go.

I seems pretty straight forward. If it’s something you want to try, then I encourage you to hit the source link to get more information and join the discussion. Check out the video after the break.

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Here’s how to get the Google Now Launcher on any Android phone or tablet

by Robert Nazarian on
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The Google Now Launcher (aka Google Experience Launcher) was initially limited to just the Nexus 5, but Google opened it up to more devices a couple of days ago by releasing it in the Play Store. Unfortunately, that “opening up” only meant Nexus or Google Play Edition (GPE) devices. Very cool devices indeed, but not all that popular. If you’re feeling left out in the cold, don’t fret because you can still get it for you phone or tablet with ease. The best part of it is there are no major stipulations like having to be rooted. However, you will need to be running KitKat for this method or it will not install. If you are, jump past the break to get started.

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Google Now Launcher now available in the Play Store

by Robert Nazarian on
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We knew it was only a matter to time until the Google Now Launcher (aka Google Experience Launcher) landed in the Play Store, and that time is now. However there is one caveat: It’s only for Nexus and Google Play Edition devices running KitKat. If you think about it, that is really not that limited since the launcher does require KitKat and there really isn’t that many devices with KitKat other than the Moto X, Moto G, and a few Samsung devices. I would expect it to be expanded to more devices in the near future.

There are some really cool things about the Google Now Launcher that I like such as that Google Now is all the way to the left most home screen, it’s easier to install widgets, add an unlimited amount of home screens, and the always listening “Okay Google” command. However, I am not a fan of the default home screen being all the way to the left (just right of the Google Now page). I do know that a lot of you do like it, so if you have one of the compatible devices, give it a try.

If you want to see more of how the launcher works, check out our guide here. Hit the break for screenshots and download links.

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DO Launcher brings Sense 5′s launcher to any device

by Aditya Thawardas on
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HTC_BlinkFeed_on_HTC_OneHTC’s Sense UI is one of the most popular UIs out there, and for good reason. Sense 5′s launcher is pretty cool, and if you want to try it out on your own non-Sense 5 device, you now can, thanks to XDA Recognized Developer doga.ozkaraca’s new app, DO Launcher. The launcher supports basic BlinkFeed-like functionality, which shows the most important news from RSS feeds like CNN Top, Yahoo, CNET, 5 diffrent themes, and a nifty weather widget.

DO launcher is still in very early stages of development, and many features may not even work, but if you love Sense 5, definitely check out XDA for more information. You can also find a Play Store link past the break.

Source: XDA

Play Store Download Link

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Firefox teases its upcoming Android launcher

by Macky Evangelista on
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Today Firefox announced that they are currently working on an Android launcher. While they didn’t really reveal too much on its features, they did give us a screenshot giving us a small sample of what it looks like. According to the Firefox team:

Firefox Launcher for Android makes it easy to discover the content you want in any moment and is optimized for the way you use your phone. The app integrates the contextual adaptive app search from EverythingMe with the Firefox for Android Web browser to offer users a personalized and customizable Web experience that is fun and intuitive.

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Google Search app updated, Google Experience Launcher rebranded to Google Now Launcher

by Robert Nazarian on
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The Google Search app has been updated bringing the usual bug fixed and improvements, but it also adds hotword support for British and Canadian English. The Google Experience Launcher also gets updated with a new name. It’s now called the Google Now Launcher, which could mean that a Play Store launch is imminent. Some of the updates for the launcher include new Google Now Launcher name on the splash screen start up, 6 columns on tablet home screens, AirBNB reservations in Google Now, and icon imports from old home screens.

If you have the Nexus 5, the launcher will get updated automatically and you won’t see the new branding, but if you are using the old Google Experience Launcher on another device, we have the update below. Of course you can install it even if you haven’t tried it before. Either way, you will need the Android 4.1+ and the original Google Home Launcher app installed in order to see the Google Now Launcher. We have download links after the break.

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EverythingMe Launcher goes official in Google Play

by Jeff Causey on
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EverythingMe hopes to get in on the market for alternative launcher apps that work in place of the stock interface on Android devices. Continuing a trend that we see with launchers, EverythingMe tries to be predictive in nature, changing homescreen components based on factors like time of day. Moving from beta to an official release, the EverythingMe Launcher does include a few additional features in addition to the homescreen replacement function. » Read the rest

Apex Launcher gets updated, features app sorting, updated notifications

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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apex launcher 1

Apex is a top of the line home-screen launcher, and includes a ton of great features that can instantly upgrade your device. It’s new update adds to the list of features, including the ability to sort apps in the app drawer, and some notifications tweaks. Unfortunately, the app sorting feature is only included for Pro users.

Hit the break for the full change-log and a link to the app in the Play Store.

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