Image analysis app Jetpac purchased by Google

In Google‘s quest to purchase everything, the tech giant acquired image recognition startup Jetpac for an undisclosed sum. Jetpac’s claim to fame is their advanced image analysis which scans publicly available Instagram photos to compile information about over 6,000 cities worldwide. Employees at Jetpac will join the Google Knowledge team, whose goal is to build […]

Google’s Brin and Page get dunked for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you still check Facebook on a regular basis, your newsfeed has probably been overrun with videos of people participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit research into a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly called Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Add to the list of celebrities and top executives taking on the challenge Google […]

Google rolls out new UI for YouTube’s TV app

Today, Google unveiled a new user interface for YouTube’s television app. The rollout began with the Xbox One, and will roll the new app out to other streaming devices over the following weeks. The app makes navigation simpler by making things easier to find thanks to slideout guide on the left side. Once signed in, you have your subscriptions, recommendations, open playlists, […]