Google Hangouts made more business-friendly with latest changes

by Aditya Thawardas on
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google_hangoutsGoogle really wants businesses to use Hangouts for video chat, but the problem is that there are so many different alternatives with different features. Google is trying to get a leg up, by announcing that anyone with a Google account can now enter a video Hangout, regardless of whether or not the user has a Google+ profile. In addition, another big change is that up to 15 Google Apps users can be part of an HD Hangout.

In addition to those two big changes, there are numerous other updates, including additional markets for the Chromebox for meetings hardware, and increased customer support. They are outlined in the source link below.

Source: Google Enterprise Blog

Google to show off self-driving cars at Maker Camp this Friday

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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android car

As a part of Google’s “Maker Camp,” a virtual summer camp with new DIY projects and virtual field trips each day, online campers will be taking a trip to check out Google’s self-driving cars this Friday.

It’s all free and includes a Q&A session, so you can get all of your questions regarding Google’s next big project answered.

The trip will occur at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern time this friday — just head over to +Make on Google+ to get started.

Source:  Google+


Grab coffee with Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman, for winning a charitable auction

by Justin Herrick on
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Have you ever wanted to grab a coffee with Eric Schmidt? Well, you have the chance to do so! Thirty minutes with the executive chairman of Google is up for auction to benefit the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. Executives of other companies have done this in the past and now Schmidt is putting himself out there for one lucky bidder. » Read the rest

Google Search can now utilize hotel confirmation emails for suggestions

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One of the best features of Google Search is its ability to reach into Gmail and utilize information to tailor a personal experience for a user. For example, this means that the service can track packages for you by using shipping confirmation details. The latest addition to Google Search takes advantage of hotel confirmation emails. With hotel confirmation sitting in Gmail, Google Search can help you navigate the surrounding area. It can show you places to eat and then quickly provide directions back to the hotel. So instead of searching and narrowing down details to receive optimal content, Google is serving users directly with data that already exists.

Source: +Google

Google Play Developer Publishing API now open to all developers

by Jared Peters on
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Google has opened up their Google Play Developer Publishing API to all developers on the Play Store, which is great news for anyone looking to add some extra functionality to managing their apps. The new API makes it easier to manage in-app purchases and subscriptions, upload new APKs for beta testing or staged rollouts, and create and modify Play Store listings.

Overall, this Publishing API will make it significantly easier for developers to handle the management of their apps and listing, which should, in turn, create a better end user experience. If you’re interested, you can check out the full details of what the new API can do below.

source: Google Play Developers

Google Drive updated with new Material Design-inspired “home screens” for the web

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Google Drive Material Design Home Pages

Google has updated Drive with brand new “home screens,” which feature an updated view to find your most relevant and recently edited documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

The new look is clearly inspired by Material Design, which we expect to continue its rollout to other Google products in the coming months. There’s also some nice drag and drop functionality that has been added, allowing users to quickly place documents into created folders. You’ll be able to view your most recent activity on a right sidebar as well — this feature is especially useful if you’re sharing the account with others.

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Google Hands-Free app icon appears in company post

by Justin Herrick on
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A new standalone application should be on its way if a Google+ post by the company itself is any indication. In the image above (which is a captured still from a GIF), it is on the top right and is seemingly called Google Hands-Free. This is for the Android Eyes-Free setup that Google is working on for device use while driving a vehicle.

The demo Google posted had to do with a user receiving a translation without actually touching the device. Nothing is ready at the moment, but this shows Google is making progress.

Hit the break for the actual GIF from the Google+ post. » Read the rest

[New Android Wear App] Swipify brings useful tools to Google’s wearable platform

by Justin Herrick on
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The simplicity of Android Wear has actually made people feel indifferent about the platform. The idea of a basic interface with little control is appealing; however, hardcore Android fans want features that exist on the phone/tablet version of Android. This includes an app launcher, app switcher, deep settings, and a RAM meter. Swipify is a new Android Wear app that delivers each of those features for such devices.

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Google files patents for contact lenses with built-in iris and capacitive sensors

by James Gray on
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contact lens

Google has toyed with the idea of high-tech contact lenses for quite some time, even partnering with pharmaceutical giant Novartis to bring their vision of the future (pun intended) to market. While they’ve hinted at features like embedded cameras and glucose monitors, two patents filed by the tech giant yesterday seem to be aimed more at security. Using capacitive sensors that make sure it’s being worn on an actual eye, the lens would use a three step process to essentially turn your eye into a fingerprint.

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