Latest Gartner report shows that mobile phone sales are down overall and Samsung still leads the pack, but Huawei may be primed for a major year

  It appears that there is some minor slowdown in regards to the overall growth of mobile phone sales. According to research firm Gartner Inc., worldwide mobile phone sales amounted to 1.75 billion total¬†units for 2012 which was a solid number, but represented slightly disappointing 1.7 percent decline from 2011 sales. Moreover, while Q4 2012 […]

Gartner Q3 2012 Reports Are In: Samsung And Android Platform Continues To Dominate Smartphone Share

  It’s that time of the year kids as Gartner has announced the latest smartphone trends for Q3 2012. Coming as no surprise, both Apple and Samsung led all smartphone brands by controlling 46.5% of the overall smartphone market this quarter, despite the fact overall smartphone sales totaled close to 428 million units, a 3.1% […]

Gartner Reports Global Sales Drop 2.3 Percent For Q2 2012, But Samsung And Android Still Lead Overall Sales

  Smartphones are as popular as ever, but it doesn’t mean sales can’t take a slight hit. Gartner reports overall global sales for Q2 2012 dropped 2.3 percent compared to Q2 2011. The Android platform unsurprisingly accounted for 64.1 percent of the overall sales with Samsung leading the way with 90.4 million units sold, while […]

Samsung officially announces ruggedized, business-oriented Galaxy Tab Active

Roughly a month ago we reported that Samsung had announced a new ruggedized tablet geared specifically for business appropriately called the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active. Today they have officially announced the tablet with a very detailed press release, revealing more information about Samsung’s upcoming device. As we knew before, the Tab Active features a shock-resistant […]

Android claims 62% of tablet market during 2013 as Apple’s share slides

Echoing earlier research, Gartner announced today that worldwide sales of tablets in 2013 totaled 195.4 million units with Android laying claim to 62% of the market. The big beneficiary of Android’s growth, driven by users snapping up smaller, lower-end devices, was Samsung who sold just over 37 million units. Meanwhile, Samsung’s biggest rival, Apple, saw […]

Lenovo CEO says Chinese, emerging markets will return Motorola to profitability

Lenovo’s CEO Yang Yuanqing is back on the interview circuit, explaining more about how he thinks the company can turn around the financial trajectory of Motorola Mobility once the pending $2.91 billion dollar deal closes. According to Yang, a key part of Lenovo’s strategy will be to reintroduce the Motorola brand to China and emerging […]