Google agrees to refund 19 million to consumers over in-app purchases

Google has reached a settlement with the FTC agreeing to fully refund consumers charged for their children’s in-app purchases. The decision is hardly a surprise, considering Apple reached the same agreement in January, and Amazon did the same in July. The issue arises from Google’s requiring a password for purchases every 30 minutes and “blurring […] is offering a refund to customers who bought the Dayframe Prime feature last Thursday

A few days ago, updated its Dayframe app bringing support for Chromechast. However, an update was pushed out later in the afternoon that removed Chromecast support upon Google’s request. The reason behind this is that Google would not release the Cast SDK until the updated version of Google Play Services app has been released. […]

EFun Announces Its Nextbook 7GP Budget Tablet, Crams 7-Inch Display And Jelly Bean Into A $130 Package

  There’s more than a few of us out there who can appreciate the various inexpensive tablets out there and can look forward to yet another newly launched tablet out for the masses. While EFun is a relative unknown to most consumers, it has recently announced its brand-new Nextbook 7GP which is a 7-inch tablet […]

Google and Asus offering refunds to certain Nexus 7 owners who purchased before recent price drop to cover the difference

Both Asus and Google have announced a price protection program for those that bought a Nexus 7 within a specific time frame, before the price drop. First up is Asus. They’re offering UK customers that bought the 16GB Nexus 7 directly from either Google or Asus a ₤25 refund for those who bought one before October 29th. You must […]