Buying a Chromecast in the UK? BBC iPlayer already supports it

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We have good news for those of you in the UK. As you know, the Chromecast is now officially available in the UK, among other countries. It was already reported that the BBC iPlayer app would support the Chromecast soon, but it’s already working.

Apparently you don’t even need to update the app. You will be looking for the standard Chromecast logo at the top of the app. It might take a minute to show up or you might need to close the app and relaunch. Once you see the Chromecast logo, you are good to go. Just cast away.

If you haven’t grabbed your Chromecast yet, you can do so at Google Play, Amazon, PC World, or Currys for £30. BBC iPlayer download links after the break.

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BBC iPlayer app now adds support for 10-inch tablets, refined UI for smartphones and 7-inch tablets

by Roy Alugbue on
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BBC’s popular iPlayer app has just gotten a new update bringing more support and increased functionality to a wider array of Android tablets. First off the bat is new-found support for 10-inch tablets, so users won’t need to rely on having to go to the BBC website to view all that cool content anymore. On top of that, BBC has also announced some interface tweaks to the smartphone and 7-inch tablet variations of the app— while additional optimizations will be arriving on the app for 10-inch devices at a future date.

All of you 10-inch tablet owners out there are itching to grab this app can hit the Play Store link below and get in on all that fun BBC goodness.

BBC iPlayer QR

Play Store download link


Congratulations Samsung— the Galaxy S 4 is set to be featured on BBC’s Watchdog

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There have more more than a few of us who have complained about Samsung’s habit of loading up crap unnecessary extra apps on its flagship devices, but it looks like the BBC has had enough of Sammy’s shenanigans. The famed British network will air a special episode of its Watchdog series pointing out some very serious issues that identified on the 16GB variant of the Galaxy S 4 smartphone. In fact, Host Anne Robinson poses this simple question best: “Samsung… claims that its brand new Galaxy phone has an extra-large memory, but what did it forget to mention“? Well– while the smartphone no doubt introduces some well… “unique” apps, much of the apps take up an extraordinary space on the device, resulting in roughly only half of the total storage capacity being available to brand-new owners.

Naturally, Samsung will probably want to rebuke the bold Watchdog claim by highlighting its 16GB Galaxy S 4 certainly has a microSD slot for users to take advantage of, but remember— regular apps can only be installed onto the phone’s internal memory, so there is the potential for owners to simply run out of room. Moreover, owners can always buy the larger capacity variants of the device as well because well— bigger is better anyways.

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BBC iPlayer updated with Android 4.2 support, fresh UI and improved video quality

by Colton Kaiser on
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After unleashing a breadth of information regarding future plans for its iPlayer Android app, the BBC has released an official update, bringing numerous fresh features to the radio and TV-streaming application.

Users can now experience a polished UI, keeping in line with Google’s very own Holo style guidelines. Support has also been added for Android 4.2 in version, something that many fans had been complaining about since the initial release of the Nexus 4. Perhaps one of the biggest changes, though, is much improved video quality, which should help soothe the eyes of visually picky viewers.

The app is available to download now from Google Play via the download link below.


Play Store Download Link

BBC Media Player Now Available In The Play Store

by Roy Alugbue on
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Now that Flash is no longer supported on Android devices, media companies of all have had to come up with creative ways of sharing content with the masses. Famed British media company BBC is no different and has launched its BBC Media Player app for Android devices. The app allows BBC fans to steam video and audio at their heart’s content, though BBC is still trying to integrate its main website with the new app, so some features or stories may not be available for hopefully a short time.

The app is available for Froyo 2.2+ devices in the UK, though there are early reports the app is not compatible with some Jelly Bean devices. Hopefully BBC will get those kinks worked out sooner than later.

Play Store

BBC Gives Android Users 2012 Olympic Experience With Android App

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The moment of the greatest athletic competition is almost at hand everyone. That’s why BBC is gearing up Android users by launching its official Olympic app in order to access all types of content and coverage of the Games. Inside, you’ll find items like a complete schedule, live feed and even a guide to the various athletes competing in their respective sports. Those of you rooting for your native country will be able to keep track of the medal counters once those medals start to get dished out.

The app is available for all Froyo 2.2+ devices. Keep in mind that if you do want to check out a live stream of the competitions, you’ll need to use Flash Player— so that means you Jelly Bean users may be out of luck. Hit the link or QR code below to grab the app today.

Play Store

BBC will provide 24 live Hi-Def streams of the Summer Olympics

by Adam Johnson on
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The Summer Olympics of 2012 is upon us. What’s your favorite sport, or which will you be sure not to miss, as long as you have access to the live event? Could it be Football, Basketball, Water sports, Rowing, Shooting, Cycling, and the list goes on. As for myself, I will pick up and watch a little of whatever I can. With the help of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) there’s a good chance you’ll get to see your favorite sport live.

The BBC is pulling out all the stops to get this year’s Summer Olympics in London broadcast in as many ways as possible. They will be streaming 24 live HD streams throughout the event. Included, you’ll be able to stream to any one of your Android devices, or web-enabled TV by way of the BBC mobile sports site or mobile applications. The Android app will support streaming HD video over 3G and WiFi, giving the ability to watch live any one of the games. So prepare yourself for overload of Olympic coverage, and enjoy the Summer Games!

Source: techradar


BBC iPlayer now works on Ice Cream Sandwich devices with this simple workaround

by Robert Nazarian on

If you have a Galaxy Nexus or any other device running Ice Cream Sandwich, you might be missing out on the BBC iPlayer. With a few clicks, you can be well on your way to getting it back.

  1. Grab Adobe Flash Player from the Android Market - Link
  2. Open your Browser and hit the menu key (the three dots in the top right corner) and tap “Request desktop site” to check it.
  3. Point the browser to and the desktop site will open and you will be able to play radio content, as well as live and recorded TV, assuming you’re in the UK.
Please note that you may have to repeat step #2 the next time you do it since Android will remove the check for “Request desktop site” each time the browser closes.

BBC News for Android adds home screen widgets

by Robert Nazarian on
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There are plenty of news apps available, but I won’t touch any unless they have a widget. One of Android’s greatest strengths is widgets, which makes you more efficient. BBC News just updated and now supports widgets, both big and small. You can even shuffle the order in which categories appear.

In addition to the widgets, they added a new “Send to BBC News” option so you can report anything major that happened in your area, and the ability to move the app to your SD card which is always handy for those that have limited space.

Just hit the download links below

Android Market Link

BBC iPlayer Streaming Comes to Android 2.2 Phones

by Chris Moor on
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The BBC’s iPlayer website is a popular way to catch up on any TV shows you may have missed here in the UK (anyone outside of the UK can ignore this, unless you know of a sneaky way to access it). With the recent Froyo update comes the gift of Adobe Flash 10.1 compatibility and the Beeb has been working to optimise the iPlayer site for use on Android 2.2 phones. The UI has therefore been tweaked to be more suited to touch/tap inputs and a 400kbps Flash stream has been created so that playback performance is optimal.

You are still going to need a phone with a powerful enough processor to crunch through the video, but current models with planned Froyo aspirations, such as the Nexus One, should be able to handle it without problems. A Wi-Fi connection to the website is also required to ensure smooth playback. If you are in the UK and want to check it out, you’ll need to install the Flash 10.1 player from the Android Market and then point your browser to the iPlayer site. You’ll be watching Dr. Who from the comfort of your porcelain throne in no time. Unfortunately, all you guys running 2.1 or below have been left out in the cold (though as a helpful commenter points out, you can check out the BeebPlayer app for some unofficial iPlayer action).

[via: TechRadar]