New Amazon smartphone to be an AT&T exclusive

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The Amazon logo is seen on a podium duri

Amazon is going to finally announce their new smartphone tomorrow, but it looks like you you will only be able to buy it on AT&T. I guess this isn’t a shocker since Amazon and AT&T already partner for the Kindle tablets.

In case you have been living under a rock, Amazon is hoping that glasses-free 3D will get consumers excited. I won’t say I am excited, but I am interested to see what Amazon has to offer. Is this going to be something really cheesy, or will it actually be useful? Amazon has worked on this project for a long time, so I would like to think that Amazon will change the game. Either way, you will have only have one carrier choice, and that’s AT&T.

source: WSJ

Google Glass coming to AT&T stores

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Google Glass Prescriptions

Google Glass purchases were recently opened up to anyone in the U.S., but the big question has always been…When will it actually be available at the retail level? Well that day might be coming real soon, and AT&T is likely to one such place that you will be able to go and grab one. Unfortunately no other retailers were mentioned, but what we do know is that AT&T will be “one of the first locations,” which implies that they won’t be the only place. However, they could get exclusivity for a limited time.

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AT&T finally pencils in a release date for the ASUS PadFone X

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The day has finally come folks. An ASUS PadFone will actually be available at a U.S. carrier. It was announced back at CES that AT&T would carry it, but we wondered if they would actually ever release it.

AT&T finally put our worries to sleep by announcing that it will be available starting June 6. You will be able to get it on AT&T Next 18 for $22.92 per month, Next 12 for $29.80 per month, or on a two-year contract for $199. They are also offering a $50 discount on the purchase of the blue or white ASUS two-pack tablet cover and Wireless Charging Folio and Duracell Wireless Charging Mat. That deal will end July 24.  You can see a few quick videos along with the full presser after the break.

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AT&T HTC One X to get Android 4.2.2, Sense 5 by end of week

by Jeff Causey on
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HTC’s Executive Director of Product Management tweeted some good news for owners of the AT&T HTC One X this evening. He indicated that “technical approval” had been received for the release of Sense 5 with the Android 4.2.2 update for the device. The update to Android 4.2.2 will be the end of the line for Android updates on the device, but users will at least get to experience some of the features of Sense 5 like Blinkfeed and Video Highlights to go with the new user interface.

According to Versi, the updates are targeted to rollout as an over-the-air update starting on Wednesday, January 29th. Are you still rocking an HTC One X and looking forward to this update?

source: @moversi

Beats Music officially kicks off today in the U.S., AT&T customers get an extended free trial and Family Plan

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If you find yourself bored with the plethora of music apps available on Android (and iOS), then you might want to check out Beats Music. It’s finally available today, but unfortunately for the U.S. only.

Beats Music appears to be taking the Slacker approach by adding curators to make your music experience better. There is even an option to tell Beats where you are or how you’re feeling so that the service can delivery a unique stream for you, which is similar to Slacker’s “My Vibe” option. There are over 20 million songs with no ads, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding what you want to hear.

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AT&T To Launch New Program Dubbed “Sponsored Data”

by Axl Logan on
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Mobile Data Plan Usage

In an effort to keep up with the industry’s competition and stay fresh on the mobile scene, AT&T is offering a brand new program that will allow companies to only pay for the mobile data used by specific companies’ enterprise applications not counting against their own mobile data plan cap. Without a doubt a pretty bold move by the company. AT&T has dubbed the new toll-free calling for mobile data “Sponsored Data” and companies will now be able to promote their applications and services to businesses interested in only recieving data charges by the carrier for a specific application not by total data used by the user.  If AT&T and its on-board partners can market this product well it could mean huge gains and big success. However, there are some skeptics keeping a watchful eye on the new venture. Eddie Hold, an NPD Group analyst had this to say regarding the bold move:   » Read the rest

AT&T jumps into no contract war with new Mobile Share Value plans

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In an obvious defensive move, AT&T has just announced new Mobile Share Value plans to entice those that don’t want a contract. In a nutshell, if you buy your phone outright from AT&T, join the Next program, or buy it somewhere else, you will get a $15 discount off the fee for each smartphone in the Share Plans. They are also standardizing the fee to a flat fee of $40 for each smartphone for subsidized customers as opposed to the range of $30 to $50 depending on the data size. So this means that if you buy a phone off contract, your will pay $25 for the phone, plus whatever data package you sign up for.

Data plans are also changing a bit. The 1GB and 2GB options are going up by $5 to $45 and $55 respectively, while the 6GB plan drops from $90 to $80. Last but not least, they are adding an 18-month plan to the Next program, so you can opt for either 12-months or 18-months for upgrading your device.

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[Deal] Grab the AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon Galaxy S 4 for Free on contract at Best Buy

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Ah yes, I love this time of the year. It’s deal central and if you’re in the market for a Samsung Galaxy S 4, Best Buy has the deal for you. The best part of it is that it’s already live so you can beat the Black Friday rush. You can grab either the AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon Galaxy S 4 for Free on contract. This includes new lines as well as upgrades, plus they are offering all colors.

This happens to be one of Best Buy’s 6:00pm Thanksgiving Day doorbuster deals, but they decided to start today. The sale will run though November 30, but don’t hesitate because you don’t know when they will run out.

source: BestBuy

FCC document shows LG G Flex with AT&T and T-Mobile LTE bands

by Christian de Looper on
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The LG G Flex has been a source of much jealousy on this side of the ocean after it was announced that our friends in Europe and Asia were getting the device while the US was left out in the cold. Earlier this week we found out the the US might be getting their own LG G Flex, but now it’s much more official with an FCC filing that seems to suggest the device is headed to AT&T and T-Mobile. The document shows a version of the LG G Flex that is compatible with LTE Band 17 and well as LTE Band 4 (AWS).

Other details about the device surfaced, but most of those we already knew. LG is apparently in final negotiations for release dates and prices, but the device will most likely see a release in early 2014.

Source: FCC
Via: Engadget

LG G Flex Confirmed For T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T? (Video)

by Axl Logan on
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LG G Flex_1

Who would have thunk it? The LG G Flex appears to be gaining more traction than we initially thought it would. Due out in Europe this December, it appears that US carriers T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T may be getting on the flex train too. Of course, Verizon is nowhere to be found since they either tend to announce a device much later than other carriers as to be fashionably late or something, or they may not even bother carrying the handset at all, which is more likely given their track record. Our trusty boy over at @evleaks is claiming that this is a “confirmed” deal and we can definitely expect the three out of four carriers to take on the new curved smartphone.

And with @evleaks’s pretty accurate track record we have no problem believing this is most likely going to happen. And while we’re not ultimately sure how well the device will do, both over seas and in the U.S., our curiosity is still certainly piqued. Most are touting that the device is a “gimmick” and still officially in an experimental phase but we have confidence in LG as they’ve managed to deliver with their Nexus series devices for Google as well as their Optimus lineup. As always, only time will tell and will determine whether the new technology will trend well and take off or go the way of 3D on smartphones.   » Read the rest