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GO Launcher HD Goes Live In The Play Store

It’s official everyone— GO Launcher HD is now available for all Android 3.0+ tablets today. When we last saw the launcher, it was in beta and had some minor kinks to be worked out. Those kinks are ironed out and the developers want you to look forward to the noteworthy features in the launcher:

  • Support dragging operation on dock bar
  • Add / Delete screens
  • Self-define folders to categorize apps
  • Check running apps and clear all
  • Brand new adding interface

If you’ve got a tablet and are sick of those darn skins or want to jazz up stock Android a little bit, be sure to give GO Launcher HD a whirl today. It’s available for the low price of free for Honeycomb+ tablets.

 Play Store


  • Tenkely

    Do bad it does not replace that gross grey bar on my Galaxy tab 10.1 thanks to Touch Whizz 

  • Ghost0001

    I just installed it and am taking it for a test drive. So far it seems vastly better than the stock launcher. No complaints yet.