Vodafone: Some Android Phones Could Appear Without Google

Vodafone have confirmed that they are currently looking at developing more Android phones to compliment their new HTC Magic handset, and that some future Android devices could appear without Google.

In an interview with Techradar.com, Vodafone’s Rachel Williams revealed that whilst the HTC Magic arrives bundled with all the well known Google services, future Android handsets may feature a more ‘basic’ package allowing networks to integrate their own clients software instead.

Williams also went on to confirm that more Vodafone Android phones were likely in the future, “We’re looking at other Android devices, by joining the Open Handset Alliance it shows our commitment [to ranging other devices using Android]”.

The Vodafone HTC Magic will be available in Vodafone UK stores from Friday 1 May, with a £5 discount on the £35 a month tariff available to customers that order the HTC Magic online.

[via Techradar.com]

  • johnkzin

    I’m assuming that “without Google” primarily means “without the Android Marketplace” and maybe “without a mandatory Gmail account to sync against”.

    If the former, they’ll want/need a market site of their own. Hopefully one that has a better web presence than the Google/Android Marketplace.

    If the latter … hopefully they’ll still include the std. Google Apps as an option for those who want to do that.

  • mhm

    The lack of Android Marketplace would suck imo. Why not just keep all the android apps at one place instead? :-)