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GrooVe IP Lite – Make VoIP Calls For Free

GrooVe IP is an app that connects to your Google Voice account through Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) and allows you to make calls on your device using only a Wi-Fi connection. This saves you from using your carrier minutes, and also provides a great alternative when in an area that has Wi-Fi but no carrier signal.

Up until now, you had to shell out $4.99 in the Play Store for GrooVe IP. But developer snrb Labs has just released a “Lite” version of the app that is ad-supported and has most of the main features as the paid version, minus the following:

  • Calls over a mobile data connection not just WiFi
  • Native dialer integration
  • Proximity sensor support
  • Change sign in status or sign in invisible

Not too shabby. Screenshots and download link after the break.



Play Store Download Link

  • Ram

    Doesn’t the Google voice app uses wifi to make calls?

    • Oakgrovestaff

      Nop! It does when you are on your computer after you install the “plug in”, but on your phone it uses your data subscrition. Once you do not have your carrier service, you are out of luck. With WIFI on Groove IP  allows calls seamlessly.

  • Avi

    Is this Groove IP to Groove IP calling or Groove IP to ANY phone (mobile / fixed)…??? If one caller (the one with Android ph. installed with Groove IP & WiFI connected) has these things enabled, can he call to ANY other phone (fixed or landline) or Only to another Groove enabled, WiFi connected equipment???