Droid X2 will not get Ice Cream Sandwich, according to BBB response

Droid X2 owners, we have some bad news. According to a letter that was a response to a Better Business Bureau complaint, the Droid X2 will not be receiving Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The complaint was filed due to Motorola’s update and bootloader practices. The response letter also gives the familiar answer that Bootloader unlock will be available “where carrier and operators will allow it”.

Dear Ivan,

I am responding to the complaint you filed with Better Business Bureau regarding our Droid X2 model phone. I reviewed your recent case notes and it is noted that you received information from Motorola regarding Bootloader unlock and Ice Cream Sandwich.

We are working to balance the operator requirement for security to the end user, while supporting the developer communities desire to use these products as a development platform. It is our intention to enable the unlockable/relockable bootloader currently found on Motorola XOOM on other devices, where carrier and operators will allow it. This process is requiring a good deal of consideration and technical infrastructure and we have no announcements to make at this time for unlocking any devices.

Droid X2 is not on our list of devices that are slated to get Ice Cream Sandwich, but that does not mean it is not continuing to get support. Though it will remain on Gingerbread it is eligible for software updates if it’s determined that any are needed.

Thank You,
Dorothy Hodges
Corporate Consumer Advocacy Office

Motorola had listed the Droid X2 as being in the “evaluation & planning” category with “further details to follow” in their last software upgrade information release. However, Verizon had not mentioned it in their list of ICS upgrades. This news is disappointing, but the letter does mention that the Droid X2 will receive continued support. In fact, the Droid X2 is currently getting a soak test. How do you feel about the update future of the Droid X2? Let us know in the comments.

source: Droid-Life

About the Author: Emily Aquin

Emily is a Canadian who now lives in Dallas, Texas. She came south of the border to pursue her violin career, and study at Indiana University, Bloomington. She continued her journey south to University of North Texas. Emily doesn’t like to admit that she was prancing around in her own little iPhone 3G bubble, until her husband decided it was time to wake up and join Google’s Rebel Alliance. She’s never looked back. She now spends countless hours playing with her Android phone and tablet. Emily plays violin in several orchestras in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and also teaches violin lessons. She is happy to be writing for TalkAndroid.

  • Wakawaka024

    Motorola sucks their software sucks their phones suck (generally). I’m not sure what will happen when Google takes over. But it can only get better, they release the same phone over and over with small refinements.

  • http://www.motoask.com/ Motorola Atrix forum

    Well I guess the OG Droid remains the only Moto device that is worth having.

  • Anonymous

    We’ve had 5 of the Moto Droid phones (Droid 1 for me and the wife, Droid X for both of us, Droid X2 for me when my original X died) and we’re currently planning on getting her a Droid 4 (she wants a keyboard).

    That said, I don’t understand their stance on the X2.  It’s a capable, recent, phone that’s saddled with a version of 2.3.x that’s out of date (it’s on 2.3.4 and I think 2.3.7 is the current, common, version of Gingerbread) and has many flaws/slowdowns that, it seems, aren’t going to get fixed.

    I understand it takes time to develop Blur, and the rest of it, but, if the phone is “falling out of service”, why can’t we get a vanilla build for the phone?  It would update a phone they feel is EOL and allow the dev community to pick up where they’re leaving off.

    And, on top of all of that, they’d get a lot of good press from the more hardcore android users.  Seems pretty win-win to me.

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly why I’m never buying Motorola again and it goes to show, they are constantly losing business because of their shithead business decisions. Just look at when they announced the Droid Razr. They knew that the battery wasn’t capable and instead of scrapping design plans they went ahead released it, then a month later release the Droid Razr Maxx. Back to the topic, the Droid X2 isn’t hardly 6 months old and they pull this bullshit. Some advice to consumers, buy Samsung, HTC, anything but Motorola!

  • Onoku

    This pisses me off…

  • Rulethecourt

    Plain Sux

  • Spanky

    This sucks….Motorola sucks and will never see another dime out of me. Im switching to Iphone Ive been disappointed with Android since the start. Now this.

  • Ipartyhard90210

    iPhone here I come. You’ve lost another customer Android. I’m Ron Burgandy, Go fuck yourself San Diego.

  • Keitren

    The android OS is very good I do admit. But it is ridiculous that they are not updating this to the 4.0 update. The phone is powerful enough with it’s duel core processor. Minor phones with even less are receiving this update. I was really proud when I got my Droid phone but now I would gladly switch to Samsung or HTC anytime. Hopefully Motorola will realize it has been making very dangerous mistakes to their company and will change if not, then their business will be gone from lack of profit. We can all hope they are smart enough to listen to it’s customers who make the business possible.