Motorola Fixing Sound Issues with the Droid X in Next Update

If you have a Droid X then you may be having issues with your sound notifications. Don’t fret, Motorola has been actively watching their support forums and plans on fixing the issues in the next update. The update should be here around mid September and also will address the Exchange issues that some of you are experiencing.

They have not addressed whether this will be a Froyo update to take care of the issues or not, but with the Exchange issue being addressed and the Droid 2 releasing soon with 2.2 I would bet they it might be just that. I have seen things like that happen before so that would not surprise me at the least.

Have you been experiencing any of the sound or Exchange issues personally? We would love to hear what you think.

[via motorola]

  • Bob

    Yes, I have had the audio out drop to almost zero for everything including apps and ring tones, but eventually found a fix that worked for me: turning the speakerphone function on then off. Fortunately, I haven’t needed to take a call while it was reduced.

  • Nasser

    I think that motorola should fix the foliowing issues right now:

    1. Wi-fi
    2. Exchange.
    3. VPN.

    The physical phone is well design, but the amount of software issues maybe wonder if I should buy another motorola phone in the future. I hoped that motorola does not make regret tHat i drooped the iPhone 3GS for the droid.
    I am disappointed with motorola not taken care of this issues more promptly. I just hope that the wait us worth it because my patience only goes so far.

  • Cendia Lazarus

    I am having notification issues. Sometimes I am notified bythe tone I picked, when I have a new email. Other times no sound and not notification in the top bar. What is going on? If you paid to expect to have these features – it on makes sense to be compensated for having to deal with less than the planned and expensive purchase. How bout it?

  • Darla

    I switched to the Droid X after having the original Moto Droid and I noticed a significant difference in the volume level in almost every sound function; ringtone, music, notifications and most noticeable my Alarm/timer…I’ve actually slept right through my alarm at max volume. A huge disappointment as my orig. Droid was sometimes even too loud :) Has anyone had this problem? Would like to know if is just an individual problem or widespread. I absolutely LOVE my X but hope there is a fix on this issue. ~DD

  • tRICKster

    Im having corprate email exchange notification issues, volume issues, and my alarm works intermittently.
    I like the X, but if these issues aren’t addressed in the September release of FroYo I will be a former moto customer.

  • Chris D

    The notification ringtone does not work at all on my phone. It only works for a day or two after I “restore factory settings” then it quickly stops working again. It is incredibly annoying and I am considering exchanging the phone for something else.

  • Tom

    I purchased a Droid X in late November, there is no sound through the earpiece. Have been in touch with support, and they have no clue that you are working a fix. I tried pulling the battery and rebooting, with no change. The phone has not been modified. I hope you folks really are working to fix the issue; it seems to be happening to many folks per the net.

  • justalilirritated

    My Droid has had a problem with the ring tone since September of last year. It just vibrates, no matter what I do. I can’t get a ringtone but all the notifications work! Anyone else?

  • Jeff

    I have a problem with my Droid-X (motorola/verizon) where the sound goes out intermittently for a second during music/video (Youtube). I have gotten no resolution (yet) but Verizon is sending me a new unit, but I suspect it will not resolve this issue as I believe it is a software issue which they have no clue what is causing it. I have tried to narrow down what is causing it but everything I have tried leads me to no direct cause. The exact problem is that I will be playing music from either the card files or Pandora and the playback will stop playing for a a partial to 2-seconds and then continue. A similar problem occurs with YouTube playback, the video continues to play but the audio drops for a second or two. It’s remarkably ANNOYING! It’s a total disappointment with this phone. I would have considered an Apple but specifically didn’t want a iPhone because I don’t want to be tied to Apple…but now I am starting to rethink my choice. I let you all know if the hardware swap solves anything.

  • Brian P.

    I’ve been having the same problem as Jeff. I can be right in the middle of music, youtube, or playing Angry Birds and the sound will drop temporarily or several hours as of late. Then for no apparent reason it will have sound again. The bad part is that the handset volume will disappear completely when the volume goes out and the only way to hear a call is either through speakerphone or bluetooth. And also the voulme will become very low to non-existent on music, youtube, games, and ringer volume when this happens. Like you I am considering just getting Verizon to replace my phone because I really don’t want to jump on the I-phone band wagon but, if this problem persists I will be considering it as an option.

  • C

    Brian P, Jeff, and a few others,

    Have you gotten that problem fixed? And if so, how?! My phone has been doing the same thing, and it is very irritating? I get notification sounds, and if I turn the volume up manually, I get the sound, however, when I try to make a call out I will only get sound through the speakerphone option. Please help! Much appreciated, C

  • Laura

    I updated My droid X to the 2.2 and since then I have had phone call
    Audio issues. And low battery issues
    I can hear people on the other end but they can’t hear me.
    Its really annoying because a cell phone isn’t a phone if you can’t communicate
    With people. And I hate repeating myself!

    • tina

      Ditto! How did you resolve this problem?

  • Mynambabybc

    My droid x has no media sound, no recording sound ability, and no sound at all. Hope they figure out a way to fix it…

  • Kredas

    Cant hear out phone.. music. Nothing…..

  • Rob_ruddock

    Two days ago my DROID x ring volume is low I can’t hear my phone ring or hear text. My volume is all the way up on both.

  • Hmitchell3256

    I can’t hear media at all. No you tube, no pandora, no Apps, no personal videos…ugh! Calls are fine, even on speaker and bluetooth. This is frustrating though…

  • tina

    I can hear, perfectly, however callers cannot hear me, and when I use audio to text, it does not seem to receive my commands. Help!