BioLock brings iris and facial-recognition security to Android

I bet you thought retina scans were something only done in the movies  Blue Planet Apps, makers of the new BioLock Android app, will soon be bringing their version of iris and facial-recognition to your Android phone.  The software will be somewhat easier to use if you have a front-facing camera, but those of you who are used to snapping self-portraits shouldn’t have a problem here.  The developers claim the software is accurate enough to recognize facial hair, so if you switch between clean and unshaven on a regular basis, the eye scanner may be the better choice for you.

It’s worth noting that this is not the first app to handle facial-recognition, as Recognizr boasts similar software.  BioLock will be undergoing a private beta in the next two weeks, with the final app hitting the Android Market with a target price of $2.99.

[via intomobile]

  • TreyNTX69

    Minor correction… I don’t think it scans your retina (the back of your eyeball that is similar to a screen), rather it scans your iris (the colored part of your eyeball).

    Instead of checking the pattern of the veins on the back (and inside) of your eye, it takes a photo of your eye and evaluates the patterns in the colored portion for a match of the photo in memory.

    But still a very, very cool idea. I hope it works well. :)

    • MrDribble

      Trey is right. None of these mobile apps are retina scanners – that would take some very sophisticated and battery draining laser technology. 

      Still, I’m looking forward to trying one of these apps out. My only worry is that I’d be unable use my phone if my camera lens gets scratched. Imagine dropping your phone by accident, scratching it up a little — that’s bad enough without the additional catastrophe of an unlockable phone. Will there be a keycode bypass option? 



  • kruesephiikz

    This is very cool indeed. Can’t wait to see it in action