Get the Google Play Store Update Now, No Stinking Download Required

Yeah, yeah, there is a new name for the Android Market now, Google Play. For those of you who are just dying to see what the name change and new logo looks like on your phone, don’t go downloading any silly apk file. You can do it directly from within your phone in about 30 seconds flat.

  1. Go in to Settings and then Apps.
  2. Look for Market under the “All” tab and press clear data.
  3. Now open the newly updated Play Music app  (Google Music).
  4. Hit that little Market icon in the bottom tray.
  5. Confirm Google Play upgrade.
  6. BOOM!

There, now you have the new Google Play app on your phone and now you won’t have to wait for that pending update that is right around the corner. :-D

  • NicoGI

    this absolutely does NOT work. this was the first thing i tried after the music app updated by my nexus still has the boring old ‘market’

    • NicoGI

      still doesnt work. stock android cleared data, cache, force quit market still no update. 

  • Dave A

    Did not work for me..


  • Yahoo!!

    FAIL– Does not work on my Razr MAXX

  • Traviscmstanley

    Maybe it’s not working because he is using a custom Rom for the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Stacy Bruce

    Really, guys? Because I have heard of many upon many successful attempts. I wonder why? Are you guys using custom ROMs?

  • Anonymous

    Worked perfect for me!

    Running AOKP 

  • Abraham Williams

    Didn’t work for me on a stock Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

  • No Unwanted Mail

    Didn’t work for either either on Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

  • Jim Farmer

    This method worked on my girlfriend’s Samsung Charge, my ROMed Galaxy Nexus, and my stock Xoom.

  • Anonymous

    worked on ATT Galaxy Skyrocket

  • Ahmad A Aziz

    Tried it on my HTC SensationXE, MobiNil Egypt. It worked and now I have Google Store, version 3.4.6 Thanks a million.

  • Stacy Bruce

    If you guys are having problems upgrading , check out what my boy Jim has to say below.

    I did it on the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Transformer Prime, Droid Charge, Droid 1 and 2. There is no reason you shouldn’t be getting the update.

  • Fmx

    Hit that little Market icon in the bottom tray what does this mean????

    • Anonymous

      When you open Play Music (Google Music), you will see a small market icon on the very bottom of the recents screen, next to the search icon. Hit that to go to the market and it will ask you to confirm the update to Google Play.

  • Jack Holt

    Worked for me, Galaxy Nexus CND 1.5.0

  • Fstrdnu35

    With the new update, nothing but books upload…. It’s pi$$ing me off. I can’t listen to any of the discounted music I bought and my apps are pending and in a continuous installing loop that just kills my battery if I don’t kill the upload. Why can’t Google figure out their updates before they offer them?

  • Kevan265

    When will music be available in Canada.

  • Tyraheckstall

    i had google play at first, but then i reset my phone.
    it wouldn’t upgrade after that.
    i dont see a little market icon next to the search icon on Play Music

  • Rex Cool Charles

    several failed attempts.
    after i had to do a factory reset for my samsung galaxy s, it fails to update.
    tried to update as instructed on here and like most others have complained, i do not get the market icon to pop up in the “play music” app
    still running on standard EVERYTHING
    phone is not rooted

  • leana

    Did not work on my EVO 3D annyoed

  • Android Police

    This didnt work for me. However i waited until new updates were required and then click on the icon in the notification bar and it updated to play store yippee!
    (Samsung Galaxy Ace)

  • Shaheer Gillani

    its not working for me on sony xperia

  • jknight001

    This worked for me on a Samsung Galaxy Player 5 using Gingerbread. I was trying to fix a “package file is invalid error” One of the websites recommended uninstalling the updates for Google Play which left me with Android Market. To update to Google Play I cleared the data on Market and installed Google Play Music. I did NOT see a little icon for Market when I opened Play Music but I did see the Google Play icon in my applications under settings. I rebooted my Samsung Player and when it came back on the widget for Android Market was replaced with the Google Play widget. It’s all good now. Thanks!

  • Leena kumari

    Hi,Not working nokiax 2.