Samsung Galaxy S III to be Announced This Month, Launched in April?

Oh boy, another Galaxy S III rumor and this time it’s surrounding the device’s launch. You ready for this? So apparently, according to ZDNet Korea, the Galaxy S III will launch in April with an announcement from Samsung sometime this month. Timing of the SGSIII’s launch will be key for Samsung to compete with the iPhone 5’s release and April will fall in line just perfectly to do some serious damage. If the earlier reported specs are true, the Galaxy S III will be one hell of a machine and will definitely be the top contender in the mobile arena. But again, these are all just rumors and nothing is official as of yet.

Cheil Worldwide, Samsung’s marketing agency, is also saying that Samsung is planning the launch around the Summer Olympics in in London, England. This will allow them to make a huge ad push during the games, on TV and locally in the UK. One question that has been brought up is whether or not the device will actually see a simultaneous global launch. It wouldn’t make much sense for the device to launch in the U.S. given the strict and often times lengthy testing period carriers like to put phones through. As much as I want to see the Galaxy S III sooner rather than later, I bet it will still be a while before us U.S. folks get to spend our money. What do you think, too soon for the GSIII to launch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

source: ZDNet Korea
via: BGR

  • Iggy6627

    Verizon BETTER get this!!!!!!!

  • {Phil}

    Yummy. Ready to get that baby the day it comes out in Europe.

  • Eric Villiers

    can’t wait! I got the s2 in england on launch and really can’t wait for s3. The S2 is superb and I’m sure samsung are packing a lot into this to make it worth the update unlike the iPhone 4s vs Iphone 4

  • Lafunksolo

    Sooner the better