SmartBar Makes Life Easier

For all of Android’s strengths, there is one thing that I miss about webOS: the ability to quickly manage my Bluetooth and WiFi from any screen. In this, Samsung had the right idea with the quick access they provide to these options on the taskbar on the new Galaxy S series phones. But naturally, not everyone (myself included) has a Galaxy S phone, so what are we to do? Well, Lifehacker found a great app to help us out.

SmartBar offers several shortcuts and utilities to make managing your phone much easier. These tools include a task manager and switcher as well as a favorite app launcher, all of which are available for quick access from the status bar.My favorite tool by far is quick access to the previously mentioned Bluetooth and WiFi, as welll as several other nice setup options. directly from the status bar. It’s great for quick adjustments to help with battery life and just to make your life easier.

SmartBar is available for free in the Android Market.

Edit: Apparently, the program is not compatible with Android versions 1.6 and under, as we’ve had several readers who haven’t been able to access the app on the Market. I will be emailing the developer for confirmation, but just keep this in mind if you’re having difficulty finding it.

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[via LifeHacker]

  • Shadh

    Hi, you didn’t mention what android versions it works on. Cant find it for me X10. Thanks

  • jay

    Can u do a reviewon an app that im using called quick desk. I love it and have been using it for the past three months now. Simmular to the app u just presented only without the status bar. U can even add and take away task thatu do ordont use the most like wifi gps and apps. Check it out.

  • Ian

    Developer states it doesn’t work well with Froyo and that they’re working on a fix for that.

  • Joe A.

    I guess this is for 2.0 Eclair and up; I’m running stock 1.6 Donut and this doesn’t show up in the Market. Suggestion for the writers: check which version of Android the app can run on, not everyone is able to update beyond Donut.

  • Robert Allen

    My apologies on the apparent problems with Android versions less than 2.1. It wasn’t mentioned by the developer or the author of the Life Hacker article and I only have access to two Android phones, a Hero running 2.1 and an Evo running 2.2, both of which run SmartBar fantastically. I assumed it worked on all Android versions. If I had known any information to the contrary, I definitely would have mentioned it. I have updated the article with your guys’ experiences with it though. Thanks!

  • Robert Allen

    I’ve used it and I completely agree, QuickDesk is a great app. To be honest, I thought that another writer had already reviewed it, but I just searched and couldn’t find a review on it.
    I’ll try to have a review up for it soon ;)

  • jay

    No thank u for even taking the time out to give it try. Its simple and can be opened from any screen even if your in your web browser. Lovin it. Thanks again.

  • lowspeed

    Doesn’t seem to work on EVO with OTA froyo.

    It never exits out of any app.

  • reid

    I just installed SmartBar. Even though I checked the option to hide icons, it seems like it’s using up some of the spots in my status bar, but they’re invisible. (I used to have bar control installed and that did something similar.) It’s kind of frustrating, because I’d like to see some of my icons like battery life replacement, seepu, and screebl, but checking even a few of the SmartBar options knocks them out. Is it just me? TIA….