Samsung Says Flexible Displays will be Here Within a Year

Here at Talk Android, we love to envision what our mobile devices will look like in the future. Imagine if your cell phone wasn’t simply a rectangle, but was bent for you to wear as a watch. This seemingly crazy idea isn’t as far in the future as you might think, according to Samsung. An executive at Samsung has confirmed the mass production of flexible OLED screens in the next year, meaning some time in 2012, or early 2013 at the latest.

These crazy looking displays have quite a few advantages other than their novelty. They do not contain any glass, so shattering your phone would be a thing of the past. Another advantage is the freedom this technology will give to cell phone designers. The possibilities are endless, including phone watches, tablets you can fold and paper thin displays. It is likely, however, that the first devices featuring a flexible display will be the rounded displays that were not otherwise possible. Even if the screen is flexible, though, the battery and CPU will have to be taken into consideration. How would you use a flexible AMOLED screen? Shout out in the comments.

source: OLED-Display

  • Matthew

    But why?

  • John

    I can’t remember the show, Babylon 5 or V or something, they carried a short tube that unrolled into a little video or smartphone screen.

    I would be happy if they could make one that could fold in half, or even better one that could display 1/4, 1/2 or full-screen depending on how you fold it. 2″ x 3″, 4″ x 3″ or 4″ x 6″.