Elastic World Bounces Into Android Market

Monkey I-Brow Studios just released a unique physics-based puzzler titled Elastic World. The goal of this game is simple: hit the stars with the ball. But the way you actually accomplish that is by expanding and collapsing “jelly” shapes to make the ball bounce in different directions and heights. Sounds weird but is actually pretty quick to pick up. It ends up being an exercise in getting the timing just right as the ball bounces on your jelly shapes.

The game gets progressively more challenging as you compete against the clock. The quicker you can hit the stars, the better you are ranked.

Apparently, and impressively, Elastic World was built over a 6 month period by one developer while working at his full-time job. The description in the Market reads:

Please support independent video game development! This is the result of six months of hard work (done alongside a full-time job). Please give it a good rating.

Unlike several other games, the collision detection and physics engine were made entirely from scratch.

Great work as I can see this becoming very addictive, and for only $0.99 (a free version is also available with 10 levels). Works on phones and tablets.

For your taste of gelatinous goodies, hit up the Market links or QR codes below.

source: droidgamers


Android Market ($0.99)



 Android Market (free)