New App Stats Available for Publishers via the Android Market Developer Console

Those of you familiar with app publication on the Android Market should surely be familiar with the Application Statistics. For those that aren’t, they are tools that help developers tune their development and marketing efforts to better appeal apps to you. Application Statistics shows your app’s installation performance across key dimensions such as countries, device models, platform versions, etc. Well the folks behind Android are beefing these analytics up even more with newly added metrics, new ways to analyze data and a newly redesigned UI that’s easier to use.

With the new installation metrics you can now see your installations measured by unique users and by unique devices. Active installs, total installs, daily installs and uninstalls can be viewed for user installations while active installs, daily installs, uninstalls and upgrades can be seen for device installations. But they don’t stop there as they are adding two new data dimensions —Carrier and App Version. This will allow you to track your app’s installation trends across mobile carriers or the ability to monitor launch metrics of specific app updates. 

They are also adding timeline charts for all metrics and dimensions. This will give developers visibility of their installation data over time. These charts will highlight your app’s peak amount of installations while also giving you longer-term trends at a glance. With the longer-term trends, you can correlate to promotions, app improvements or various other factors. Data can even be focused into various dimensions by adding specific points, like platform versions or languages, to your timeline.

All of these additions to your Application Statistics are bundled into a fully redesigned UI that’s faster, more compact and easier to use. Each dimension has a dedicated tab which makes it easier to go through your stats as often as you need. If you’re not interested in using these tools, there is even an exporting capability that will let you download these stats into a CSV file.

While this doesn’t impact us day to day on the consumer end what it does do is help developers to better develop and target their apps to reach more folks. If you are a developer you can check out the newly added features by hitting the link below. As always you are encouraged to share your insights and tips on the +Android Developers Google Plus Page. Enjoy!

Android Market Developer Console – Link

source: Android Developers Blog

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