Google IO 2015 Coverage

Updates to Google+ and Google Wallet hit Android Market


Whilst the Google Execs were busy strutting their stuff at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Google Developers were beavering away in the labs to bring you some updates. If you head on over to the Android Market you’ll find updates to both Google Wallet and Google+ waiting for you. The excitement stops there I’m afraid folks as both updates are minor bug fixes and process enhancements.

Still it’s good to know that the Google Developers are always working on improving their already great applications. Bug fixes and stability improvements can only be a good thing so why not check out the links below and get yourself updated!


Google+ Market Link

Google Wallet Market Link



  • bstringy

    If you’re going to start off the piece with “Whilst”, you’ll need to follow it up with “jolly good” somewhere. 

    • Chris Stewart

      Classic English literature education my friend. 

      Tally ho.  :)