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Verizon Will Launch Family Data Plan With Single Account Billing

At Deutsche Bank’s 20th Annual Media and Telecom Conference, Verizon Communications CFO Fran Shammo stated that Verizon Wireless plans to offer data plans that can be shared among multiple devices, essentially a family data plan with single account billing, by mid-year. In a transcript provided by Verizon, Shammo goes on to say that Verizon has been thinking about this for about a year, but it is “a very complex equation because we have to make sure that it’s good for Verizon and it’s also good for our customer.” Last year we reported that Verizon would be adding family data plans this year, so it’s good to see they are working on it.

This type of plan makes sense as more people find themselves with multiple devices in the household all connecting to the LTE network. Shammo explains, “So when you think about connecting the devices to the network, it’s more than just a smartphone and a tablet. It’s more around everything that happens in our daily lives. So when you talk about data sharing, you talk about having the ability to connect more devices without having to in essence pay more for a bundle.

The transcript also mentions that around 5% of Verizon customers are using their LTE network, with 5.4 million LTE devices activated in 2011. Also, the promotion Verizon is currently running that doubles customer data allotments when they sign up for a contract with an LTE-enabled smartphone, will run for another two months. Shammo states “It is very critical for us and we’re playing a very delicate balancing act here that I don’t want to spend any more money on my 3G network.

Here’s to simpler, more affordable plans all around.

source: transcript
via: fiercewireless