Droid 2 Gets New Soak Test

We just told you about the Droid 2 Global getting an update, and now the original Motorola Droid 2 is getting a new soak test. The Droid 2 launched in August of 2010, so it’s great to see Motorola prepping an update for a phone that is a year and a half old.

This soak test is specifically for the Droid 2 and NOT the Droid R2D2 model, or the aforementioned Droid 2 Global. No news yet as to the details of the update, but there’s a good chance it’s similar to the Droid 2 Global update currently rolling out.

If all goes well during the testing, it shouldn’t be too long before the update is pushed out to all Droid 2’s.

Thanks Bill and Steve