Stache yourself, friends, or family with the Official Lorax App

Doctor Seuss’ The Lorax might be one of the hottest films of the year so it’s no surprise that NBC Universal just released the Official Lorax App. It has two features. The first one is demoed in the video below. As you hold your phone over your mouth, a full screen Lorax mouth moves as you talk. The second is that you can add the Lorax mustache to any photos you already have on your device. It lets you rotate and resize the stache according to the size of your photo. The app only lets you add one stache per photo, but if you have multiple people, you can still do it. Just add one stache and then save the photo, re-open it again and add the next stache. I did one up of myself, Joe Sirianni, and Stacy Bruce from an image taken from CES at the Venetian.

You can also share your images via Facebook or Twitter, and there’s even a postcardin’ feature. The app is free so why not catch the Lorax buzz by hitting the links below for the Android Market.

YouTube Preview Image



Android Market Link




  • Stacy Bruce

    Hey… why’s my stache lowridin’?