AT&T Offers Device Manufacturers Single SIM Access to a Global Platform

For all you world travelers out there, how would you like not having to switch out your SIM card when abroad? That’s exactly what AT&T is planning with the roll out of their new global platform dubbed AT&T Control Center, powered by Jasper Wireless. The platform is a combination of new SIM hardware running on a brand new network that delivers global internet, WiFi, satellite and AT&T network coverage, and includes worldwide diagnostic and monitoring features for device manufacturers.

In the announcement, made today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ¬†president of emerging segments for AT&T¬†Glenn Lurie stated that “…a single carrier supplier with a single SIM solution is often preferred over working directly with multiple regional wireless carriers… the benefit comes from a single solution, backed by an industry leading well managed platform.”

Not having to make roaming agreements with other networks around the world seems like a good strategy, and once device manufacturers embrace the platform, using your HTC One X overseas will be just like using it across town.

Hit the source link for the full press release.

source: att