Dolby And Huawei To Team Up To Bring Premium Audio Experience To Smartphones


Huawei is already on its way to bringing some sweet devices to the limelight, but it wants to further itself apart from the competition even more. Dolby Labs has announced a collaboration with Huawei by incorporating Dolby Digital Plus into future Huawei devices. This means that we’ll soon be able to enjoy that rich, crisp and superior surround sound on premium Huawei tablets and smartphones. The manufacturer plans to utilize Dolby Digital Plus by optimizing the technology for the overall mobile experience by including virtual surround sound over headphones, bass and high-frequency enhancements, a sound level controller, mono-to-stereo creator and sound space expander. Oh and don’t forget that these Dolby-powered devices will have the full capability to connect the devices to HD-ready TVs, A/V receivers and home theater systems in order allow consumers to enjoy quality surround sound as well.

Huawei is just giving us yet another reason to drool over its ever-impressive brand. Hit the break to see the full press release from Dolby.



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Dolby Collaborates with Huawei to Deliver Authentic and High Quality Audio Experience on Range of Mobile Devices

China, February 25, 2012—Today, Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE:DLB) announced a collaboration between Huawei Device and Dolby, to incorporate Dolby® Digital Plus into future Huawei mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This collaboration makes Huawei the first portable device manufacturer in mainland China to use Dolby Digital Plus to bring consumers full-impact and authentic audio on mobile devices.

“In today’s world, consumers are seeking the very best entertainment experience that technology can offer,” said Huawei Device CMO Chairman Shaoyang. “Through our collaboration with Dolby, Huawei will take the mobile entertainment experience to the next level, enabling consumers to experience rich, full-impact audio on future Huawei devices. By connecting these devices with HD-ready TVs, audio/video receivers (AVRs), and home theater systems, consumers can experience cinema-quality surround sound.”

Dolby Digital Plus is a key part of high-definition entertainment and is the pre-eminent way to deliver and enjoy high-quality sound across a range of devices. Dolby Digital Plus is an ideal audio solution for artists, operators, carriers, and device makers worldwide and is now available on more than 640 million products, including HDTVs, smartphones, tablets, PCs, game consoles, and Blu-ray™ players.

“We are very excited to strengthen our collaboration with Huawei.” said Mahesh Sundaram, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Dolby Laboratories. “Combining our leading-edge technology, Dolby Digital Plus, with Huawei’s wide range of handset and tablet products will enable both companies to support high-quality, multi-channel surround sound for consumers. This agreement affirms Dolby’s commitment to addressing the industry’s rapidly growing demand for HD entertainment on portable devices.”

In addition to offering multi-channel surround sound, Dolby Digital Plus also includes technologies optimized for the mobile experience, such as virtual surround sound over headphones, bass and high-frequency enhancements, a sound level controller, mono-to-stereo creator, sound space expander. Dolby Digital Plus also supports the tuning of speakers and headphones to enhance the mobile entertainment experience.

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    Dude, Huawei is doing everything right this year so far.  Cant wait to get my hands on one of their devices.