Duracell Powermat Hopes To Bring Wireless Charging To All Smartphones Via WiCC

With their new Wireless Charging Card (WiCC) technology, Duracell’s Powermat division is hoping to bring wireless charging to the masses. The WiCC hopes to bring the integration of Powermat technology to all smartphones, via a connector that is built into the phone itself. This of course requires participation from the major smartphone retailers, since the technology would have to be implemented at the production level. Given that Duracell promises that this implementation will only cost pennies at most, I wouldn’t be hard pressed to believe that phone manufacturers will at least give it a shot in one or two phones before considering it standard on all their future models.

Powermat currently offers wireless charging through the Powermat charging bed coupled with a proprietary case designed to communicate with the base. The new WiCC hopes to remove the mandatory use of the Powermat case and enable users to use a case of their own choosing, or none at all. The thin wafer-like charging card can be purchased at any time by the user, enabling the power of choice. Although Duracell isn’t placing the WiCC as immediate priority for release and we won’t see it any time this year, it’s most definitely something that we hope to hear more from here at TalkAndroid. Keep tuned to TalkAndroid for more news and updates from Mobile World Conference 2012. Full press release after the break.

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Duracell Powermat Introduces the Wireless Charging Card (WiCC™) for Smartphones; the Instant Upgrade to Wireless Charging Capability

Solution does for wireless power what memory cards did for storage: making wireless power simple and instantly accessible.

Barcelona, Spain — Mobile World Congress – Duracell Powermat, a leading brand in wireless power, today unveiled “WiCC”; a breakthrough aftermarket solution for wireless power. WiCC is a wafer-thin card that consumers can insert into compatible phones or cases to instantly upgrade them for wireless power.

WiCC will work seamlessly with all handsets in compliance with IEEE’s Power Matters Alliance (PMA) ‘Wireless Charging Card’ specifications. This standard means that for the first time handsets will be able to utilize real estate allocated for the NFC antenna to offer wireless charging – without impairing costs or design.

“We are delighted to be able to offer OEMs the benefit of wireless charging readiness at no additional cost. Making a handset WiCC ready is as simple as adding compliant contacts atop of which the WiCC can be inserted,” said Daniel Schreiber, President of Powermat Technologies, which has developed WiCC. “It’s the ultimate solution for OEMs, carriers and consumers alike.”

“WICC will open the door for consumers to enjoy an infinite variety of cases and phones that are wireless power ready,” said Ron Rabinowitz, CEO of Duracell Powermat. The company plans to introduce the product to market in the future.

WiCC cards double as NFC antennae, enabling them to seamlessly replace the existing NFC antenna with a card that delivers both NFC and wireless power. For interested OEMs and carriers, the specification for WiCC is available to registered members at powermatters.org, and Powermat Technologies (www.powermat.com) also offers a series of supporting evaluation boards and demo units.

WiCC-enabled phones will interoperate seamlessly with the full range of Duracell Powermat wireless charging products as well as with wireless power offered by its growing ecosystem of partners such as leading airports, cars, educational institutions and furniture makers.

About Duracell Powermat

Duracell Powermat is the joint venture formed by Duracell and Powermat that began operation in January 2012. The partnership was designed to deliver cutting-edge wireless charging solutions to consumers so that they can maintain the rich mobile lifestyle to which they aspire without the fear of being interrupted by a dead battery. Part of The Procter & Gamble Company [NYSE:PG], Duracell has been powering people around the world for more than 40 years, whereas Powermat brought the wireless charging category to life with the introduction of ground-breaking products in 2009. Together the two companies are leading the wireless charging revolution under the Duracell Powermat brand. Duracell Powermat provides real-life power solutions for consumers both at-home and on-the-go. The joint venture is headed by Procter & Gamble’s Ron Rabinowitz, CEO. For more information, please visit www.duracellpowermat.us

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