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Are Android Apps Being Published on Blackberry App World Without Developer Consent?


After RIM pushed out their 2.0 update for the Playbook, Android apps were suddenly available on the platform through their Android Player. The company is even giving out free Playbooks to Android developers who port their apps over.

Playbook users, once upgraded to 2.0, started downloading the Android-based Dolphin HD Browser from Blackberry App World as a better replacement to the stock browser. Interestingly, though, the makers of the Dolphin browser, MoboTap, did not authorize their browser to be added to RIM’s app marketplace. So how did it get there?

Apparently it was submitted by white label store Handster, now owned by Opera.  Handster has already stated they would help app developers get their apps into Blackberry App World, but it’s interesting that they would do so without contacting the developers.

A MoboTap spokesperson stated “We do not condone Handster submitting our Dolphin Browser app to BlackBerry’s App World for us and are currently working to take it down and assure Handster will not submit our app for us again. We will assess developing for BlackBerry when the time is right.

Dolphin has already been removed from Blackberry’s App World, but is Handster still pushing other apps without contacting the devs? Let’s hope this was a one-time gaff.

source: engadget

About the Author: Ed Caggiani

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  • Mike

    Handster has also submitted my application without my concent.  It was not a one-time gaff.

  • Mike

    Handster has also submitted my application without my concent.  It was not a one-time gaff.