Google IO 2015 Coverage

New Google Invention May Revolutionize Touch Gestures

A Google patent filed in Q3 of 2011 was published this month, showing off some new touch gestures that may help users interact with their touch devices. The patent demonstrates some key concepts involved with the new technology, which primarily focuses upon continuous gestures to initialize search functions on content anywhere on the screen. This is in hopes to maximize real estate and usability of future touch screens as well as provide innovation and ease of use for the user. Some of the proposed gestures are a “g”, most likely to invoke a Google search function, an “s” which is most likely to invoke a list of possible search engine options like Bing and Yahoo and a “w”, which will most likely provide access to search functions via Wikipedia.

Although this technology is very similar to current implementations in apps such as Dolphin Browser and Google Search, the technology in question brings content awareness to the field, allowing on-the-spot seamless searching (and even possibly app loading?) based on the content the gesture is applied to. This has the possibility to become an incredible, even fundamental way to interact with your touch device. For more information (and a very detailed breakdown) hit up the source for a (lengthy) but informative read.

source: patently apple