Samsung Secretly Developing Bezel-Less Device Called Galaxy B?

It looks like a major breakthrough in Android smartphone and tablet design is upon us. Rumor has it that Samsung is secretly working on a bezel-less device, meaning a device featuring an all-screen front may soon be within our grasp. Because Ice Cream Sandwich utilizes virtual buttons, it makes total sense that devices with smaller or no bezels appear on the horizon– which is why Sammy is rumored to be developing the Galaxy B smartphone.

Before you all get excited and go nuts, please note this Galaxy B bezel-less device is based off pure speculation. That means this could all be some sort of sick rumor and bezel-less devices may not be a reality just yet. Let’s hope that Sammy comes through and gives us some sort of leak or hint soon. MWC perhaps?

source: Mk
via: Phandroid

  • Spike

    That’s just gorgeous! Come on Samsung, make this phone! (I know it’s speculation, but it’s a great design and knowing Samsung will have the hardware to back it up!)

  • Emil Johansson

    But how would you hold it?