Beta Android 4.0 ROM Released for Unlocked 2011 Xperia Devices

If you have an unlocked Sony Xperia from last year then I have some great news for you. Sony has released a beta Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for your flashing pleasure. This ROM is said to fix issues that the alpha ROM release was having as well as adds some much requested features to the mix. While the alpha was a preview of what was to come, the beta ROM has passed some certifications like the Modem type approval as well as important functions like GSM and FM radios being turned on and gives us an idea of what a finalized release would look like. Although it is said that more certifications and approval will be needed before we see an official version of Android 4.0 released on Sony devices. The update adds the following:

  • Updated UI – We hope you will be happy to see that we have added a number of UI elements from ICS, as well as some new UI features already introduced in the Xperia™ S we announced in January.
  • Lockscreen and Face Unlock – We have added a shortcut to the camera directly from the lockscreen. Also, when you’re listening to music you can control the music player without unlocking the phone by using the music control icons on the lockscreen. In the coming final ICS upgrade, we will also include the face unlock app from Google for all phones that has a front-facing camera. The Face Unlock feature uses the front-facing camera in combination with advanced object recognition algorithms to provide a new way to unlock the phone. However, since Face Unlock is a Google Mobile Services (GMS) app, it is not included in this ICS beta ROM.
  • Connectivity turned on – Since we published the ICS alpha ROM, the GSM modem and FM radio have passed the certification and type approval, and they are therefore turned on in this ICS beta release. 
  • Updated email client – The UI has been updated, and simplified email management has been added.
  • Quick dial – We have added a quick and easy way for you to make phone calls. See how it works in the ISC beta ROM demo video.
This release puts them on course for an end of March/beginning of April release like they announced. Google Apps (like Gmail, Google maps, Face Unlock, etc.) Bluetooth, and WiFi aren’t included in the released as they are waiting certification and approval finalization.
If you are interested in flashing this to your device then hit the source link for download links and full instructions. Sony does want you to make note of the fact that if you do decide to unlock your bootloader you will not be able to install the finalized, official ICS release to your device and that this is for “advanced” developers only. However if this doesn’t deter you, again hit the source to find instructions on doing so. If you’re brave enough to flash the ROM, let us know what you think in the comments section below. If you aren’t, scroll down a bit further to check out the beta on video. Enjoy!!!
source: Sony Mobile

About the Author: Jack Holt

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  • Davidgavin

    I’m happy Sony have released this but this is ugly it looks absolutely nothing like ics only the settings n swipe away stuff. N please change that lock screen that’s gingerbread to be honest this looks mostly a moded gingerbread release! I’m so disappointed in Sony’s ui it’s turning ugly as hell. Sorry Sony but I think u Have gone backwards not forwards, I really hope a lot changes in the final release, but I don’t think it will! It’s a absolute disgrace that I’d rather go and use cm or miui instead of Sony’s only release. But like I said thanks for releasing this to the public that is one thing your getting right. Gutted.