Asus North America Announces that ICS Will Roll Out Tomorrow for Original Transformer

Well we brought to you news earlier today that Asus had started rolling out the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the original Transformer in Taiwan. We told you that other markets would see the update sometime soon after that. Well for those of you in North America have I some good news for you. Asus has taken to their Facebook page to announce that we will see ICS roll out for us starting tomorrow. The post also mentioned that the Slider will be the next device to get an official ICS update but they don’t know when. Short and sweet, here is what they said:

While this is certainly good news as most folks have been patiently waiting since January with the roll out of ICS for the Transformer Prime and the previous announcement that the original would see it this month. It also puts to rest the rumor that the update would be pushed back into March. I will be spamming the check update button in the settings menu when I wake up tomorrow, what about you folks?


source: Asus’ Facebook Page

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    Looks like you guys got the scoop here! Congrats! I’ve been waiting anxiouly chewing44 my nails for weeks! Thanks.