Quest for Stars to Launch Another Motorola Device Into Space With Latest Project

The latest project from the Quest for Stars group, a 501(c)3 that immerses students in engineering, mathematics, science and technology studies, will once again send Android into space. The latest Student Shuttle Program, known as Stratoshuttle, is set to challenge students around the U.S. to build a shuttle that can withstand a launch into the stratosphere and return to Earth intact. The winner of said design will see their shuttle outfitted with a Motorola tablet or smartphone. This device will act as a data acquisition and navigation unit for the shuttle. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a Xyboard or RAZR embrace the final frontier.

The partnership between Motorola Mobility Foundation and Quest for Stars has afforded the Droid X and the OG Droid visits to the stratosphere for photos and GPS tracking in the past. Both location and launch date are to be announced in Palo Alto at next week’s Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers’ Conference. Details on how to enter will be announced then as well. Stay tuned as we hope to bring you photos from the Motorola device launched into the stratosphere when we get our hands on them. Hit the break below to check out the launch video.

YouTube Preview Image

source: Quest for Stars
via: Android Central


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