Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 software update has wifi bug

Reports are rolling in that the latest OTA update from Sony on their XPERIA X10 phones has a very annoying wifi bug included, free of charge. Here’s how it works:

Basically, any time your cellular signal drops to zero then bounces back, WiFi turns itself off, which is particularly brutal considering that a weak signal is probably why you’re leaning on WiFi in the first place.

Reports also say that it is most likely software update version R2BA026 that’s to blame, so if you haven’t already updated, you may want to hold off.

Any of our X10 touting readers out there experience this? Let us know below.

[via engadget]

  • andrew

    I had this problem out of the box so this is nothing new to me. I am however doing a software update as I type and hope that there are some improvments to responce times at least.

  • Quincy

    my fone has problem with public network wifi connections. i manage to connect to open wireless networks but then when i attempt to browse the net in any way it says that i do not have a connection. is there any fix for this?

  • Tyler

    I am having a signal issue with mine and a random no sim card detected after my signal just cuts right off my phone has issues sending texts and i noticed all this after the recent update i thank sony ericsson for improving battery life and performance but come on sony ericsson this phone has potential your killing your company with all these buggy issues plus i never know when people leave me a voice mail very sad would love my money back go with something android 2.1+ and not buggy

  • Dan Hammer

    I can confirm this issue in R2BA026. I see random wifi disconnects in low 3g coverage areas. My wifi even crashes/hangs after switching on/off multiple times.

  • Rich

    Yep mine has this issue and tbh its really starting to get on my nerves, I’m hoping xmas comes sooner so I can throw it together and buy a phone that actually works properly, loyal sony ericsson fan for 7 years, they have simply pushed me too far now

  • bellbot24

    Yeah i have a problem. When i go to connect to my wifi it doesnt show , i tried adding the network seperatly then it says not in range even though it is!!! this only occured after doing the latest update on my phone! is there anyway of fixing this?

  • Derrick

    Recently updated my X10 to 2.1 and now I can’t get connected to my home work which I was able to while on 1.6. This is really a step back. Anyone had the same issue and did you manage to resolve it?

  • Sheppe

    Ever since updating to 2.1 I can connect to wifi networks, but it consistently refuses to connect to websites/services while I’m connected. I turn off wifi and have no problem connecting over 3g. VERY disappointing, and frustrating.

  • Dylan Orr

    I Reciently updated the firmware of my X10 aswell and found this page, I was looking for a solution to this major bug, as my house uses metal studs and 3g coverage through Rogers here with my studs interfering with my reception is bad enough. But then wifi cuts out, my traffic for 3g is over 3gb this month thanks to randomly dropping my wifi dropping and torrents then continuing on g3 without reconnecting to wifi after wards. This is a huge ball drop by sony I would expect that they would of done some testing on public released patches, especially dealing with core functionality with connectivity. I don’t have an unlimited data plan, I use most traffic with wifi. Or so I thought. I’ve tried Apps to try to fix this error nothing works. I’m very disappointed

  • Trevor Johnson

    I have received this error is there a fix for the wi fi issue, I went to the At&t store and they said to get a new phone all i can say is WOW…!

  • Gilles

    I had this problem. I reset the x10 to initial factory settings and all is fine.
    May be we have to wait to upgrade only the 2.3 Android version

  • Onlineamit

    yes i m facing the same prob……..

  • Thinkmetal

    im using xperia active n after an update … the wifi works on some router n not on others … it was ok on all these routers before the update …. sleepy engineers ? lol FIX IT !!!