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Google HUD Glasses Are Real And Reported To Be Released By Year’s End

Yes, Leo Laporte, they’re real after all.  What was once thought to be a joke is now a reality thanks to Google.  The company’s HUD Glasses will be launching some time before year’s end and will most likely go for somewhere between $250-$600 bucks.  The New York Times  broke the news earlier today and we’re all finally about to see some of the benefits of augmented reality.  You’ll be able to see all kinds of information around you such as historical facts, tons of POI’s and maybe even deals for respective establishments in the area.  However, I’m not sure if I could justify paying the price of what a general smartphone goes for but we’re sure there are some pretty “all-in” techies that will jump at the chance to snag a pair of these.  The devices will have an integrated camera, motion sensors, GPS and 3G/4G connectivity.  We’re sure it will be running some version or form of Android but not sure exactly how the OS will be integrated.  In any event, who wouldn’t want to read their text messages and emails on the fly across a pair of cool shades without ever having to pull your device out of your pocket?  Yes please.  Anyway, feel free to let us know what you think of them in the comments below.  Do you think this is something you might be willing to fork over some good cheddar for?

source: New York Times
via: Phandroid 



  • Riddle168

    I would but if it is priced at max $250

  • Piemonkey

    surly they could be much smaller and thinner (i am guessing,having not seen them yet) if they didnt have all of those features and connected to your existing smartphone via bluetooth/wifi and received thta that way

  • James Lavender98

    I think although as a concept, it is great for that much money, I would want a chic visor and some 5.1 surround sound, all this integrated and I think it could revolutionise the way we view content. With two seperate screens I guess that 3d content would be cool, like the Sony HMZ T1 Video glasses, great idea but they need to look great.

  • MuffinPie

    I hope they are waterproof- wouldn’t want my glasses breaking down because it rained.

  • Anonymous

    You know, James Lavender98 1 comment collapsed , I have read that the success of the Google Goggles will depend on the style, and I know people like variety too.  I can see guys wearing these glasses, but not necessarily women.  Men are the primary users for mobile video, but these glasses are not designed for entertainment, but rather practical personal and business use.  I would love to see a feature that would turn the lens from transparent to reflective so I could watch my Blockbuster @Home streaming to the glasses.  I would watch so many more movies than I do currently.  I still appreciate that I get Blu-ray included for ten bucks a month though since my TV is still the best way to watch HD.  Perhaps down the road, multi-use technology can be incorporated into the Goggles at an affordable price.