AOKP hits 1 Million Page Views – Celebratory Release of Build 25 Ensues

Yesterday, AOKP developer @romanbb told his followers that if his AOKP ROM thread racked up 1 million pageviews, then he would release build 25. To quote him,

“And holy crap at the response. So here it is :)”

Yeah, it didn’t take long. Here’s a short change log detailing the major changes in this latest build:

  • added optional dBm text display which will replace your signal bars
  • added hide nav bar option (it will not work on devices that don’t support a nav bar by default. more stability fixes for those devices later)
  • added warning to weather when no location can be found
  • added trackball alert
  • torch code improvements
  • small airplane mode visibility improvement
  • crespo/hdpi: should’ve fixed all issues causing reboots and such
  • added special unicorn porn (don’t worry, SFW)
  • p4: 3G *should* be working as it was before. If it’s not, please let me know
Definitely a tantalizing change log, what with the inclusion of *unicorn porn at least. Installation is the normal procedure:
  • Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery
  • Make a Nandroid backup
  • Wipe data/ factory reset (Not necessary to do this if you are currently running AOKP build 23 or 24)
  • flash the ROM
  • flash the GAPPS
  • reboot
Hit the source link for the download.
*OK, so you have no intention of loading this ROM on your device but you are a unicorn porn perv? This is what you’re missing.

source: AOKP
via: Twitter

  • claudiomeardi

    this is by far the best ROM out there, lets see what CM9 brings to the table but for what i see its gonna be really hard to top AOKP

  • Anonymous

    If the rest of CM9 is every bit as sexy as that new boot screen… I may switch lol