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TSF Shell Pro 3D Launcher Releasing in 8 Days, Start Your Drooling Now

Ice Cream Sandwich‘s launcher is a step up from any other launcher UI out there. There are even some that have taken its greatness even further, like Nova Launcher for instance. However back in December we wrote about a launcher that could make all other launchers feel like child’s play. That launcher, the TSF Shell Pro 3D Launcher. I’ve been drooling over it ever since we first touched upon the launcher. If you haven’t seen our initial article and have no idea why I am drooling over it then go check it out. I’ll wait. Back? Good, continuing on.

For those that have been and are now newly waiting for this to drop on the world we have good news for you. If the developer’s web site has anything to tell us we will see it in eight days. That’s right Leap Day, February 29th, the day we only see every four years, will be the day we see this launcher. If you still haven’t checked out our initial piece please, again, head here to do so. It has some amazing screenshots of TSF Shell PRO 3D in action. Otherwise, hit the break below to check out the original trailer in all its glory. I sure hope that it drops a week from tomorrow. How about you? 

YouTube Preview Image

source: TSFUI


    Just seems like a lot of bloat :( – I’m using ICS for weeks now and loving the simple / smooth / interface.. Customization is nice, and its good to see these things, but performance will be the deciding factor, battery life, etc.  Launchers are fun for a few days, then I always end up going back to the one that is the fastest. Too many options can just confuse and frustrate the end user, I would rather have my apps run fast as possible instead of all the resources being used by the launcher. I also didn’t notice any landscape option for tablets or phone docks.

    • kakemanx

      Try the Nova launcher.. realy good..
      Based on the stock ICS launcher (trebuchet) but with a bit more options etc
      Good good :)

  • Spike

    I usually prefer my home screens to be less cluttered and cleaner than that, but it has some nice touches (like the lack of fixed boxes to put apps in) I might have a play with it, but if it’s all or nothing count me out. 

  • Rjschaub