Widget Support In Android 1.5

The Android 1.5 update will bring widget support to the Android platform’s home screen. The recently announced Android 1.5 SDK includes the AppWidget framework that enables Android developers to write widgets that can be dropped onto the home screen.

One exciting new feature in the Android 1.5 SDK is the AppWidget framework which allows developers to write “widgets” that people can drop onto their home screen and interact with. Widgets can provide a quick glimpse into full-featured apps, such as showing upcoming calendar events, or viewing details about a song playing in the background.

When widgets are dropped onto the home screen, they are given a reserved space to display custom content provided by your app. Users can also interact with your app through the widget, for example pausing or switching music tracks. If you have a background service, you can push widget updates on your own schedule, or the AppWidget framework provides an automatic update mechanism.

The Android Developer blog also has a great introduction to developing Android widgets, along with code examples to get started with.

[via android-developers.blogspot.com]

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    Thats cool, although if you think of the widgets (or whatever they are called) in vista, the one I would like to see is the RSS reader, Scrolling Stock Updater, and Memory used app on the android. Recently I was using the Open Home app and got sick of how slow it would make my phone run…now my screen is back to the default Android buttons, but its quick again!

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    MY question is that when i open the emulator the google and music widget is by default already on home screen…so i also want that same thing for my widget that when i open my emulator i can see my widget like google and music…
    plzzz help me and reply…
    i searched every where but i found nothing…