Google’s Mobile Team Won’t Be Giving Android Any Special Treatment

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According to the head of Google’s mobile engineering team, Android will be treated just like any other mobile operating system.

Speaking at the companies London headquarters, Google’s mobile engineering director, Ann Mei Cheng stated that:

“The mobile team is separate from the Android team.”

“Android is just another device for us. We will certainly make sure that Google products run as well on Android as anything else.”

Google is currently going to great lengths to make sure their mobile search app is installed on handsets across the Nokia range, allowing users only to have to press one button to start searching. However, many believe Google’s involvement with the Android operating system could harm their relationship with Nokia nd others.

“We’ve had a very frank discussion with Nokia,” claimed Christian Hernandez, European partnerships lead at Google. “Nokia is morphing from a hardware company to an internet company: it realises that it has to partner with us.”

Hernandez even speculates that Nokia may even adopt Android on its handsets. “It’s publicly stated that it’s interested in evaluating Android,” he claimed.

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    “Google will not give android any special treatment”, there biggest move in years, and countless man-hours and money thrown at it and they say this. give me a break. of course they will give it there top most priority, who are they kidding.

    i for one cant wait for the first release of there platform by t-mobile.