Ice Cream Sandwich for Droid RAZR screenshots leak

We can probably count on one hand the amount of devices with an official ICS build but that should be set change dramatically as we head into Q.2 of 2012. Whilst we’re all screaming for Ice Cream, owners of the fantastic Droid RAZR can take a sneak peak of what’s soon to come.

We brought you your first teaser of Motorola’s ICS skin back in January and boy do we have a juicy follow up for you today. A DroidRzr forum user by the name of ‘dragon974’ breezed onto the forums, posted a bevy of new screenshots and disappeared off into the sunset never to be seen again. The screenshots appear to contain shots of a final ICS build covering a number of different screens including homepage with launcher, dialer, applications, camera viewfinder, Gmail and lock-screen amongst others.

Whilst we’ve been critical of previous Motorola Android skins, namely MotoBlur and it’s various iterations, we’re pleased to observe that this new skin looks to be fairly unobtrusive and close to the pure Android ICS experience. The new Holo theme and roboto font are there in all their glory and aside from a few redesigned icons, there really aren’t too many differences from stock ICS. It’s not all good news though as there does appear to be some bloatware present although it’s of the Verizon variety but that’s only to be expected.

There’s no word from Motorola as to the validity of these screenshots and no speculation from the original poster on possible release dates. Keep tuned in to TalkAndroid as we bring you further news on the Droid RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich update.

More details and screenshots can be found through the source link below, be sure to let  us know your thoughts on Motorola’s efforts in the comments.




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