Nova Launcher Graduates to Version 15, Brings Scrollable Folders and More

One of the first apps I make sure I have up and running every time I flash a new ROM is Nova Launcher. An ICS launcher replacement that I have been using since the first week I had my Galaxy Nexus, has just received a new update today already. Just recently, you may remember it was updated to version 14 and no longer required a system installation in order to get widgets in your app drawer. Although fairly easy for the experienced user to remedy, the update to version 14 definitely made the process more user friendly. Now, with today’s update, we’re up to version 15 and it brings even more cool features that I know some of you will enjoy.

Along with a few bug fixes, you will notice improved responsiveness and proper wallpaper positioning in landscape mode for tablets. My favorite feature and probably the biggest change in this update, is the ability to add more than 16 apps in a folder. I know when I tried before to get all my games into one folder they all wouldn’t fit. Not only do you have an unlimited number of apps you can place in to a folder, the open folder is now scrollable so that you can see the plethora of apps you just added. Pretty sweet.

If you have yet to try this launcher replacement out I highly recommend you do. There are so many customization options it’s ridiculous. I mean look at the image above and tell me you can get your launcher to look like that! :-) If you’re rooted and running ICS and are ready to check it out, hit the source link below. If you’re already running Nova then go into Nova settings and check for an update. Version 15 is just waiting to be downloaded.

source: xda

  • Truckerniner

    yes indeed I’m loving it so far