Update v4.5.141 for AT&T Motorola ATRIX Available Now

If you’re the proud owner of a Motorola ATRIX from AT&T then you should be checking to see if you’re phone has an update waiting for you as many folks are starting to report that they are receiving an update notice. While we told you about the update on Groundhogs day and there was a soak test a few days later we’re now seeing it being pushed to the masses. Even though it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich it fixes some of the issues that folks were having with their phone. It also pushes the the software version to 4.5.141 in the process. Here is what it fixes:

So if you own this phone you can check the Settings> About phone> System update option on your device. While we are still waiting for Motorola‘s release of ICS as noted in their new time table, it’s still nice to see that they are still working on improving your current experience. For those that have received the update do you notice an improvement?

source: Android Central
via:  Motorola

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    I’m confused, it’s update 4.5.141 but it’s not ICS? Isn’t ICS 4.x?