First Speculative Details Released About Jelly Bean, Could See Q2 Launch

Well while everyone is still waiting to get their official taste of Ice Cream Sandwich it appears that news about the new iteration of Android, possibly 5.0, Jelly Bean is surfacing. If a rumor from Taiwan suppliers to DIGITIMES can be believed Jelly Bean would be “further optimized” for tablets by adding some elements of the Chrome OS. This would allow users to have a live dual-boot. This means users could switch between Windows or Android without having to shut the other down first.

The new OS looks to be an opportunity for Google to push back into the netbook/notebook frontier. Considering that their Chrome OS hasn’t taken off as Google first thought it would it makes sense. The Chrome OS does lack the abilities of a full notebook, what with it being an in-the-cloud device, and the portability of a lighter instant-on tablet. It’s also speculated that Google may unveil the new OS in the spring making a point for dual-booting systems simultaneously.

This update would be big much like Android 4.0. While the OS has seen lackluster results in the tablet market compared to the iPad, Jelly Bean would change that. Given that Honeycomb had little impact to slow the momentum of the iPad and Android 4.0 added minor changes Android needs a tablet wow factor to push them ahead. According to the sources of this rumor, several Android partners are a bit skeptical if not afraid that the Android OS is no longer a contender in the tablet game.

While Google’s I/O Conference is where we normally see announcements about new Android flavors we have until the end of April to see if any of this is true. If this speculation holds wait let’s hope we see something big because I would love to see the iPad be blown out of the water. What do you think out there in Talk Android Land? Do these rumors hold water?

via: electronista

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