Nvidia Looking To Make New Tegra 3 Smartphones Available Just Weeks After MWC

It’s no secret that in this game, once you announce a device, you’re headed for shark infested waters if it takes more than a month or two to actually release the device.  After all, look at what happened to the Bionic.  Nvidia wants to ensure the masses that they plan on getting the device into your hands pretty quickly after announcing it.  During an earnings call today the company’s CEO, Jen Hsun Huang, stated that after announcing these new quad-core monsters at this year’s MWC, they plan on releasing the devices “just weeks” after the announcement.  Huang wasn’t specific as to what devices we’re talking about here, but it’s pretty much a safe bet to put our money on the HTC One X and LG X3, maybe more.  In addition, the company further stated that it plans to ship their new pure cellular chipset, “Gray” some time this year.  The chip will house both 3G and LTE capabilities.  It will certainly be fun watching the quad-core race go into effect, with companies like Texas Instruments and Qualcomm giving Nvidia a run for their money.  Stay tuned as always as we dig a little deeper on which devices will be making an appearance at MWC and which ones won’t.

source: Reuters
via: Phandroid