Amazon MP3 App Receives Update, Brings UI Overhaul and Tablet Optimization

For those of you who still refuse to use Google Music as your one stop place for streaming/purchasing/storing of your tunes, I guess Amazon MP3 would be your next best choice. The Amazon MP3 app has just received an needed update that brings a revamped, better looking UI, tablet optimization and a couple other minor adjustments. While I still feel that Google Music is much more appealing, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

The MP3 app and MP3 Store were updated to look more similar to that of the newly updated Amazon Appstore and the kindle application. The new look is now adorned with white text on a grey backdrop with orange highlights as to better match the other Amazon apps. It appears this was an attempt to appeal new Kindle Fire owners, and a way to tidy up shop. Although I am still a Google fan through and through, I must admit it looks seemingly better after the update. To check it out for yourself, hit up the market link below.


Android Market

  • Danny Holyoake

    I don’t use Amazon MP3 because I refuse to use Google Music. I use Amazon MP3 because Amazon are smart enough to have products available in more than one country in the entire world.

  • Steven Crummy

    As a huge Amazon content consumer (and a Prime member), I just prefer the ease of their MP3 Store over the Google Music service. I have both on my hone and PC, etc., but I rather prefer the Amazon version as a more consumer oriented experience.  The updated app just makes it that much better.

  • Kirk

    The latest version of Google Music just crashes / doesn’t work on my Galaxy Tab… Here’s hoping Amazon’s app works…