AT&T’s (not very) Unlimited Data plan hits Fox News

by Chris Stewart on
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How is it the old saying goes? Hell hath no fury like a… newsreader scorned?! Well that certainly seemed to be the case when Fox News’ Shep Smith received a text message from AT&T informing him that his data is to be throttled. We helped you understand AT&T’s data restrictions earlier this month, the highlight of which explains that the top 5% of users are throttled for the duration of their billing period.

So it seems poor Shep managed to reach that top 5%, here’s hoping he didn’t upload the youtube video whilst on his data plan!

Check out the video for the full rant in all it’s glory.



source: androidpolice

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  • Anonymous

    I agree with Fox News for once? Aliens 

  • Fuzz One

    What’s happening with these network providers. I’m having the same problem with Verizon. I admire Shep Smith for doing that. These companies need to learn their lessons, you don’t mess with the loyal and on-time paying customers.

  • Guest

    That was a great video.