Android Collectibles Series 3 Leaks

Dyzplastic’s Android vinyl collectibles sure have been a hit. I have a couple, but not quite as many as our editor Stacy… Anyways, an image has been leaked that claims to be the line-up for Series 3 of the collectibles. What’s cool is that there are 15 pictured. In past series, the most released has been 14, including the secret and variant designs. So did this leak also tip us off on the surprise ones as well?

I can tell you already I’ve got my eye on that Nexus one, and how about the red one, also commissioned by Google? The original series featured the traditional green Android and green was a prominent color in Gingerbread. Series 2 introduced a blue Android which as we know became the dominant color for Ice Cream Sandwich. Does this red Android signify yet another color change in the coming OS?

source: AndroidGuys