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DROID 4 Gets Wireless Charging Feature

For those of you still trying to decide whether to get the DROID RAZR or the DROID 4, let me tell you about a DROID 4 feature you may not have thought about. Since the RAZR is so thin, one of its reported downfalls is that the battery is not removable. Bieng that the DROID 4 does have a removable battery, it is capable of housing a wireless charging battery door, if there was such a thing. Oh wait, there is!

Right now on Verizons website, you can get the DROID 4’s inductive charging kit which is essentially just a replacement battery cover that allows for wireless charging. Once you get one of these bad boys, all you need now is a power mat to complete the package. Simply set your device on the charging pad and you have a cool plug-free method of charging your device. Pretty slick. The battery door is going to run you $40 and I would expect the power pad to run anywhere from $40-$70. Hit the source link below for ordering details.

source: verizon
via: droidlife

  • Bruno R. Masetto

    The Droid 4 does have a removable battery door, but not a removable battery.