Google’s Experience Center to Be Hardware Ambitions Hub

Well it appears that Google is forging into new territory and continuing their attempts at pushing the “@home” brand. In addition, Google is also preparing a “Google Experience Center” that will help the search giant promote, showcase and market Google products to both VIPs and other potential customers. There will be one or more hardware testing labs built as a part of a $120 million construction project at Google’s Mountain View property. They will be used to perfect items like the recently announced home entertainment system and other mystery devices.

Google is playing their cards close to the chest by simply saying that they are only adding extended office space. This “office space” is said to occupy around 800,000 square feet and will be used as “additional meeting and work space.” A written statement provided by a spokes person iterated:

“Just as we continuously work to improve our products, it’s important to iterate on our workspace to keep us productive. That’s why we are adding additional meeting and work space to our campus in Mountain View.”

Details are being discovered in filings with the city though that suggest that Google is gearing up to increase their focus on both hardware and testing. One facility will include an “RF screen room that will be used to test the WiFi performance and development of a consumer product.” Although assigned to the Google/@home division, this building will also play host to the “X Lab” or “Project X” teams. These times work on various projects such as the HUD smart glasses we wrote about last week or help with the antenna spray we told you about earlier today. 

The Experience Center will be at the heart of the Googleplex and the 120,000 square foot hub will be used “to share visionary ideas, and explore new ways of working.” It will also “operate somewhat like a museum, exhibit, or mercantile space allowing flexibility in the exhibits so that as Google’s products and needs change, the space can adapt.” However this museum of sorts isn’t something that’s going to be open to the public. As they put it:

“The Experience Center would not typically be open to the public — consisting of invited groups, and guests whose interests will be as vast as Google’s range of products, and often confidential.”

Basically it’s open to potential buys and investors that would be interested in financing various up and coming products. So as we can see Google is starting to take the hardware game a lot more seriously.  Right now Google is getting closer to acquiring Motorola Mobility, their biggest move yet, given that the US is set to discuss it as early as this week. Even with Google’s lackluster performance with Google TV, they hopefully can show both us normal folk and even the privileged guests of the Google Experience Center that their hardware will be able to be a profitable business.

source: MercuryNews
via: Slashgear

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